I can’t believe I am referencing Candy Crush in an article posted on a respected forum.

First, it confirms my guilty pleasure of playing Candy Crush. Second, it illustrates that we can look WAAAAAY deep into things if we let ourselves get into a mind swirl. (For those who aren’t familiar with Candy Crush, it’s a (highly addictive) game app on mobile devices.)

Here goes….

I got into playing Candy Crush a couple of years ago, but once I got to a certain level, my interest waned. Recently, I was looking for a mindless activity to help me unwind and revisited Candy Crush. I started back at Level 0. As I began to play regularly, I was racking up “boosters” in the game.

At a certain point, I hit hard levels and couldn’t “crush” it at all. Yet, I wasn’t using any of the boosters. They were going unused while I was failing attempt after attempt. Then I started using the boosters. I completed the levels easier. And I continued to amass more boosters. The cycle continued.

This was the moment when I went from the scarcity mindset to the abundance mindset.

Yes – while playing Candy Crush.

This has had other implications in my life. My husband and I are notorious for hoarding things (don’t worry – not in a “put us on TLC kind of way”) and this has reminded me to use the things we have. I cleaned out the bathroom drawers and found a stash of products that I was “saving”. They are now in full use. Fresh food that we used to think needed to last the whole week gets consumed earlier, thus reducing our waste.

I also used to tell myself I had to wait to reach out to connect with certain people because [INSERT ARBITRARY REASON HERE]. Or that I had to save the next content idea for later. Now, I remind myself that connecting with others begets connecting with others. And new content leads to other new content. I am collecting my own boosters simply by doing the things that are coming naturally.

What are you hoarding or holding back on? How can you think differently about the “boosters” you have in your life?

Here are some great articles on the abundance mindset from Inc. and Success.

For those who play Candy Crush, comment below to let me know if I’m on to something.

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