As Conscious Leaders we are always fine tuning our relationships with all those around us.  Our families, our teams, our customers, our clients.  But the reality is that before we can truly nurture and improve any of these relationships we must be honest and courageous enough to master the most important one.

Our relationship with ourselves.

Complex, convoluted, multifaceted and wonderful.  A relationship that over the years will either build us up or be our greatest downfall.

As Conscious Leaders we know that Self-Awareness is one of our most valuable tools.  The ability to be mindful, present and in a state of constant awareness, in tune with our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts and our behaviours.  Catching any wisps of ego or victim consciousness.  Stepping away from blame and into responsibility.  And all of this done as we monitor our influence and ensure that we are forever empowering and inspiring all those who are within our reach.

But we can only do so when we are firstly empowering and inspiring ourselves. 

Depending on where we are on our Conscious Leadership journey, our transition will require some level of transformation of our relationship with ourselves. 

Commencing with a recognition, analysis and deconstruction of incompatible conditioning, expectations, obligations and what others deem right or wrong.

Followed by a road map to re-build and fill in the gaps with the truth of who we really are.  Tuning in to our core, our strengths and our image of ourselves and not anyone else’s.

And all of this is undertaken because Conscious Leaders know that without a truthful relationship with themselves they cannot possibly have an honest, selfless and love-based relationship with anyone or anything else.

Our relationship with ourselves plays such a critical role in our Self-Awareness.  Knowing who we really are, what makes us tick, what inspires us, fulfils us, drives us.  This all begins within.

We must all take the time to listen – to our needs and wants; to what our heart is telling us.  Self-love, self-care, self-respect and self-worth are not just theoretical constructs.  Analyse them so we can be clear on what they really mean to us.  And then we do all we can can to implement them because this is the only way that we can start to truly live our truth, every single day, free from our ego and steeped in our awareness of ourselves.

When I am working with my clients I know that any effort I make to help them step into a Conscious Leadership mindset will be fruitless if they are not in tune with who they are first and foremost.  And rightly so.  You cannot work on your emotional intelligence, courage, creativity, responsibility and so forth if you are not being true to you – clear on who you are and what you stand for.

By nurturing the most important relationship you will ever have you are on the way to truly stepping into your power as a Conscious Leader.  Start today – the world will thank you for it.