what curiosity can teach us about business

Tapping my fingers on the desk, I sat wondering how important curiosity is, not just for human life…. But for your businesses.

A few months ago, I read a book from Robert Cialdini about Pre-Suasion and I was fascinated by his research and knowledge.

In particular, there was one part that stood out, where Robert explained the Zeigarnik effect.

Have you ever watched a movie and see an actor, thinking: “oh my goodness, what’s his name again?” Your mind goes blank. So much so, that you pick up your phone and Google his name. Once you got the answer, there’s a sigh of relief.

Or you’re reading this amazing book, but while at work you can’t stop thinking and wondering what’s going to happen next. You can’t wait to finish the day and get out of the office, so that you can get back to reading your book.

The Zeigarnik Effect explains that “if we have a task committed to performing, we will remember all sorts of elements of it better if we have not yet had the chance to finish because our attention will remain drawn to it.”

Better yet, that unfinished task creates a desire that pushes you to the incomplete task, answers, unresolved problems and unachieved goals – reflecting a craving for cognitive closure.

What is Curiosity?

There are so many different variations of curiosity, but this is what led humans to explore, discover and invent.

We’re curious and always on a hunt for information. But why exactly? What motivates us so much to seek information.

If you’re seeking knowledge because of external motivation, like school, university or work, it doesn’t qualify as curiosity.

However, if you’re seeking knowledge because you’re internally motivated (only because you want the answer), then that’s curiosity.

And here’s the best part, your brain actually rewards you for being curious.

Researches have determined that dopamine is linked to your curiosity or your craving for cognitive closure. So, when you explore and satisfy your curiosity, your brain floods your body with dopamine, which in turn makes you feel happier.

So, what happens, well you can say that you get slightly addicted and your curiosity kicks in again. Trying to find more answers.

Why is curiosity so important for your business?

Curiosity exists in all of us.

As an employer or entrepreneur, creating a culture of curiosity isn’t just uplifting for your team, but for you as well.

1. It ignites positive working capabilities.

2. It creates an abundance of ideas.

3. You make better decisions.

4. It improves collaboration.

5. Better performance from your team

6. Curiosity boosts achievement

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

~Albert Einstein~

How curiosity opens new doors for opportunities?

When running a business, any new opportunity starts with a question.

When you start asking the right questions, your mind is curious and start searching for the answers. And as your mind is like a muscle that becomes stronger through continuous exercise, curiosity makes your mind stronger every day.

Whenever you’re curious your mind expects new ideas related to your curiosity.

With any new idea that presents itself, you will recognize it. But without your curiosity, the ideas may pass by right in front of you and you miss them. All because your mind is not set up and trained to recognize them.

By being curious and asking the right questions, like who what, why, where and when, you’ll be able to spot a new world filled with opportunities that are normally not visible.

They are hidden underneath the surface of everyday life and it only takes a curious mind to look beneath the surface to discover them.

Opportunities in life and business are everywhere, every day, all the time. You just need to train yourself to see them.

To do that, start with:

1. Asking the right questions out of curiosity

2. Find cognitive closure by searching for those answers

3. Stay consistent with your curiosity

4. Keep an open mind for new opportunities, presenting itself.


Curiosity is the foundation for us as human beings, to become and do anything we set ourselves up to achieve.

Without curiosity there won’t be fire, houses, ideas or businesses.

Strive to be curious every day and learn something new in your business.