Some Questions To Ponder

Did 2020 force you to stop and examine your story and map?  What about your daily GPS? Did you come to realize that your story needed a complete revision because it was no longer grounded in reality? How about your mindset, attitude, and daily practices?  Did you need to change your mindset, improve your attitude and revise your daily practices (habits)? Failure to make a change when circumstances have changed, will often result in the deterioration of your total health and quality of living.

The Best Responses To Adversity

  1. When faced with uncertainty and chaos, the best responses are the ones most people overlook. Instead of panicking, “be still”! Take a breath and b.r.e.a.t.h.e. It is still the most calming tool at our disposal, and you don’t need any extraordinary skills to breathe. Take ten minutes to breathe and calm your mind, restoring clarity. 
  2. Most people have forgotten the benefits of prayer; however, prayer is the most powerful tool that we have. Yet, prayer without genuine belief is meaningless. Seek the truth always. What is your anchor in times of turmoil? Check what you are holding on to and make sure it is strong enough to support you.
  3. Next, decide what you can do that is healthy for yourself and others. Aim to believe, feel, think, and act from a state of love. Look for the opportunities for you to show and share love. Examine your life and recognize the many things you have to be grateful for.  Notice the many things that over the years you took for granted and never really appreciated.

Running On Automatic Is Not The Solution

The world has convinced many people that they must constantly produce and be on the move; however, that is so far from the truth and completely unhealthy. Sleeping and rest are beneficial for the total health of our bodies. The human body does not respond well to constant stimulation and after a while, it breaks down. The evidence of the damage may not be apparent at first; however, with time, you and the world will notice the damage. 

It may present as the development of high blood pressure, chest pain, migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, hair loss, skin problems, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, anxiety, paranoia, substance abuse, deteriorating relationships with others, food abuse, abusive behavior to others, insomnia, etc. 

Be Mindful And Improve Your Health

When you are running on automatic, by default you are no longer being present in the moment. You are no longer being aware, mindful. The automatic state makes it easy for life to become “boring” or “empty”.  The feeling that you are just going through the motions can often leave you feeling depressed.  Thus, it is necessary for the human body to rest and tune into its surroundings. Reconnect with the world on a sensory level, rediscover the simple joys of smelling the roses or feeling the air on your face and skin. Take time to reconnect with the things that brought joy to your life. Show your appreciation for the people who have impacted your life in positive ways. Examine how you spend your money, energy, and time and decide if there are more positive and healthy ways that you can be utilizing your money, energy, and time.

Unconditional Love Is Still The Key

Choose to focus on love instead of fear. Accept that there are some things you cannot change. Recognize that your strength comes from within. Be patience in every thing that you do. Be humble and know when to seek help.