My career start

I’m a programmer. I started my career five years ago. At the time of my career start, had learned a coding language, completing daily assigned tasks.

Sooner a year later I realized, I was terrible in competitive programming and communication skills and has zero knowledge of market trends. So I had to work on them.

Learning one skill after one might take longer time for me. I had to grow these skills in parallel to become good at my profession. But I was not aware of how to proceed on things. Six months passed and I was still at the same place.

The turning point

Then I switched my job to a new company. But this time I had a purpose to learn new skills as I joined the new company recently, I need to grasp work details ASAP. My work included a new technology for which I was never exposed to. So a new entry had been added my learning list.

I started working on it on daily basis. I was communicating only in English with my peers. In work, I was applying and trying out the new methodologies I have learned. Also started to read many technical blogs and came to know hybrid mobile applications. Sigh!! another one my entry.

No, this time I was excited to learn a new skill. Because I knew already that learning new skill rewards me. At that time my communication skill had been improved, so I was started to communicate with my clients directly. And I know many techniques in my work, so whenever a task came or a problem arises within a couple of minutes I was able to define the solution. Then I just need to work on that.

In 2014, I was tirelessly working on improving my skills all the time and executed them on my work. While the time of salary revision I was sick, was hospitalized 10 days for viral fever and in those 10 days I was unable to take any food intake, my condition was so bad that I couldn’t attend mt salary revision meetings and had to take 20 days off to work. But acquiring new skills and working with them gave me the best shot at the time of my salary increment. I have got 125% increment even without any discussion on my performance.

Now after 5 years, I have acquired a lot of skills along the way. Published mobile apps on App store, Play store and Windows app store. I had worked with many enterprise applications in which few of them I learned on my own and completed projects.

You are valuable based on how many skills you possess. And it is simple to learn multiple skills over a period of time. Once you learned, execute your skills to improve them. Purpose and Practice are the two underlined principles I would highlight here.

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