So many entrepreneurs are like, I need a website, I need this fancy software, I need this bla bla bla but they don´t think of their surroundings…

I think that is SO WRONG!

Your workspace is the container from which you are building your business, right?
That big empire you have dreamed about day in and day out and most nights, let´s face it.
The container for all your goals, projects, dreams…
The container for your SUCCESS!!

Let me put it this way:

You are invited to a pic-nic where you are supposed to bring-your-own.
The invitation comes straight from the hottest person you´ve met (and ok, you are single, we don´t want any problems here).
You are surely going to do your best to impress them.
You buy a nice champagne…or the latest craft beer…(or whatever), delicate finger nibbles so you seem sophisticate in their eyes, a touch of exotic cuisine so they see you are worldly too…
Nice napkins, if paper ones, they will be made of rich, thick paper and ideally will be in their favourite colour (which you have found out after stalking their Instagram).

Now…where will you carry all these rather fancy but so well-planned goodies?
A- In your own hands.
B- In a plastic bag, from the grocery store where you bought last week.
C- In a nice wicker hamper, with sections for all the things you might need.
Can you see where I am heading?

Your workspace IS that hamper! Your workspace is your container!

• That container should enable you to perform at your highest potential.
• It should inspire and support your vision.
• It should keep you focused and on track.
• It should make you proud in front of your clients or audience.
• It should be a huge part of your branding.

———–Then, why are you not trying to make it work in your favour?———–

I just don´t get it. Really.

You always start a building by creating strong foundations, don´t you?
Well, your office, your surroundings ARE the foundations of your business.
Your whole vision stands on whatever foundations you have created at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.
It´s not about going crazy and spending a fortune on designer furniture.

It is about creating a supportive, holistic solution that will work for YOU.

It is about following a few simple steps that will enable you to have The Perfect Office, from which you will be and feel UNSTOPPABLE.

Get those foundations ready before you invest in any fancy software that you probably don´t need at this point anyway.

Having The Perfect Office will save you:

-Money: as you will feel productive and focused and you will get s*** done.
-More money as you can use it as a branding tool (comment BRANDING below if you want to learn how)
-Even more money as you can use it as a Video Studio, hello? The age of video is here and you need to create a branded backdrop for your videos asap! Your office can be used as one. I know, this is a great tip, you are welcome.
-Headaches: literally, working from a healthy environment is so advisable! (as you can imagine). A healthy office means you can breathe better (through natural, sustainable materials) it will protect your sight (through good lighting), it will keep your back ,neck and shoulders healthy (through a good choice of furniture)…and I haven´t even gone through all the benefits of having a well-planned space.
-Time: a functional office, where everything you need has a place saves you time, energy and overall sanity!
-More time to be with your family or friends: being focused, gets you results, so you won´t be wondering and wandering all day long with a million tabs open, going from one thing to another and getting NOTHING done!
-Even more time for yourself, because you will be productive and on track, which means you will have ME Time every single day.

Now, if you still have doubts about whether or not you should start building your business from a supportive and strong foundation as The Perfect Office, let me know below.

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  • Melanie Falvey

    Video strategist. Founder of Expert Channel TV. Equality activist

    Melanie Falvey is a Video Strategist and the founder of Expert Channel TV.    Overcoming her own fear of being in front of the camera helped Melanie understand how to help others dealing with the same fears and insecurities, and enable them to show up on screen confidently and professionally.    She now teaches people how to leverage the power of video to grow successful businesses as well as learn how to use video to build their personal brand and influence.   She founded Expert Channel TV as a response to all the misinformation around the internet and to offer viewers the best curated content available and the most accurate and reliable information. Expert Channel TV hosts online conferences, summits and shows for International Speakers, Leaders, Experts and Institutions.  It also houses a membership focused on Authority building where members learn how to maximise their personal brand , influence and online presence.   For further information, you can connect to Melanie Falvey here.