“I don’t have an official job title” was a post that inspired this months blog.

When I saw this post on LinkedIn it made me jump for joy! This is where business leaders need to be heading. Yet is it only possible for dynamic entrepeneurial leaders heading up young organisations? The answer is easier yes, but is possible for larger corporate organisations. It just takes more bravery, vulnerability and thinking through.

What is The Age of Humanity, Community & Unity

It’s something that you will hear me talk about often. Since December 2020 when we entered the Age of Aquarius many people will feel like they have lost their sense of direction and realise that they have been disconnected from themselves.

There was a call to return to a more human way of living. To identify with the authentic self and soul purpose. To connect to our inner wealth, to find love, joy and wisdom rather than focusing on the external.

Many will have felt this shift, wanting to connect to their intuition, having a more sensitive approach and in some cases experiencing the beginning of a conscious awakening. This age of Humanity, Community and Unity asks for a deeper understanding of the self, in life, in business, in leadership and society.

What does this mean for Senior Leaders and Executives?

It requires a human connection and identification of everyone as a leader. You cannot take people for granted and you cannot treat people less than another. You have to open your eyes and see them, which means that first of all you must see yourself. See all your flaws, see where you have pretended and hidden yourself. See the error of your judgement of others. Where you favour the loud, the strong, for who says who is strong, who is confident, who is better?

If you imagine yourself steering one of those massive multi-million pound cruise ships and at some point you need to change direction. It means that you need the courage to make the turn, that it needs to be done with confidence so that those that you lead have the confidence in what you are about to do.

Stating what is not working, outdated and frankly has been harming the organisation and the people that choose to work there.

To see differently, to spark passion, feeling, emotion, value with one purpose and one vision. To declare everyone a leader. To understand the whole person the human, what makes them happy, what makes them sad. What are their personal, emotional and financial challenges and what is your role in developing them and their unlimited potential.

To create a community that shares together, that breathes together. That loves, laughs and listens together. A community that understands each other and supports each other based on people rather than profit.

To know that everyone has a different shape and to create a stillness to listen and to shape other humans into the shape of their potential. To become a humanitarian leader setting an example. To grow their potential and work with their mind, body and their true essence.

To have humanity at the core, values at the core, then the uniqueness of each individual. With a fire at the centre, a passion at the centre. What ignites that persons passion? What lights them up, what is unique about them and what dims their light, blocks their potential and makes them ordinary.

Take the potential of each person and nuture it individually. Not the same path for everyone, because everyone is not the same. What they need to learn is different, same job different PERSON with different needs and talents. No one fit course. Different shaped courses and development.

There will be those that will not yet understand the movement, will fear it. There will be many more that will see it as the light from the darkness. This requires a new understanding about how to work with people, for people, a magic, a vision, an alchemy.

This is evolution and you are the leaders who will lead it.

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