Do you remember your last dream? Dreams are stories and images that our minds create when we are fast asleep. Most dreams last between 5 and 20 minutes, and it’s actually fairly common to not remember your dreams at all. To make your own dreams why not visit However, It is thought that as many as 95% of our dreams are forgotten by the time we get out of bed. Some possible theories why we dream include dreams being a form of psychotherapy, a way of processing information gathered throughout the day or a portrayal of our unconscious desires and needs. There are lots of dreams which occur often that many people across the world experience. We can guarantee that you have probably had one of more of these dreams on several occasions.

Chase Dreams

Being chased in your dream is quite a common dream to have. Being chased signifies feelings of anxiety in your waking life. You could possibly be running from an attacker, an alien or an animal who wants to harm you. Fight or flight is a natural human response to danger so this is why you try to run away. Chase dreams could also signify avoidance. This means that you are perhaps avoiding some important issues in your life that need to be sorted. Rather than confronting the situation head on, you tend to run away and avoid that issue. This dream could also represent your fear of being attacked and these dreams tend to be more common for woman rather than men who feel vulnerable in their waking lives. If you’re the chaser, this potentially highlights your drive to succeed and chase after something you really want.

Death Dreams

After a dream about death, you may feel quite alarmed, however, this is usually a positive dream. A dream about death can mean new beginnings. The death symbolises transformation, positive development and inner changes that are happening or are about to happen in your life. It could also mean that a part of you has died for example, a bad habit or some kind of destructive behaviour. This kind of dream could also signal the need for wake-up call. This is your mind’s way of telling you that something in your waking life needs to change. Death dreams can also be a way of coping with the idea of death. Dreaming about somebody who has already died is a coping mechanism that helps us to maintain a relationship and connection with a loved one.

Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are often also referred to as lucid dreams. These occur when you realise that you have control over your dream. Flying could mean that you have full control over your life and are feeling quite powerful. It could also represent a new perspective as you can look down and see the bigger picture of things. Such dreams also represent your freedom. Flying signifies endless hope, possibilities and strong will. Flying could also mean that you have reached a high level of spiritual connection and that you’re growing more in tune with what you believe in and who you are. Additionally, flying dreams could represent a need to escape. Perhaps in your waking life you need to escape from a stressful situation or the pressures of everyday life.

Teeth Dreams

Teeth dreams are an extremely common type of dream. Typically, a teeth dream may involve a tooth falling out, rotting, growing crooked or crumbling in your hands. One of the reasons for teeth dreams could link to vanity. Teeth dreams reflect anxieties that you may have about the way you look or how others see you. Your teeth are the first thing people notice and it’s what makes you attractive, so this dream could come from a fear of rejection or feeling ugly. Teeth dreams could relate to communication, or a lack of. If you have teeth missing, you find it harder to speak and be heard. Perhaps you are holding back on speaking your mind or you’re having trouble expressing yourself. These dreams could also relate to embarrassment, worries and anxieties. You may have a fear of being embarrassed or looking silly in a situation. For some lucky people, falling teeth could relate to money. Perhaps you’re about to win a life-changing amount of money on the new slots online at Dream Jackpot. To dream that your teeth are falling out could signal that there will be money coming for you. This is reminiscent to the tale of the tooth fairy.

Falling Dreams

Another dream which many people have is where you’re falling off a rooftop, an aeroplane or a cliff. Falling dreams could suggest that your life is lacking or losing control. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with work or school and are unable to keep up. Falling dreams may also signal insecurity. Maybe you’re feeling unstable at the moment and things are about to take a bad turn such as losing your home or job so you feel like everything is falling apart. These dreams could also suggest reckless behaviour and poor decisions. This is a potential warning that you are going down the wrong life path and if you follow it further, it won’t be very good. The physiological explanation for falling dreams is that when you fall asleep, physiological changes occur which can trigger a falling dream. When having this dream, you may suddenly wake up or feel your whole body jerk. This is known as a myoclonic jerk.

Test Taking Dreams

If you have a dream where you take an exam, this signals that you are being put to the test or are being judged in an area of your life. As with most common dreams, test taking dreams are linked to anxiety. In these dreams you may find that you can’t answer any of the questions, have forgotten to attend an exam or that the test is in a completely different language. Dreams of taking a test means that you’re unprepared for a particular challenge in your waking life. Maybe this could even signal some guilt that you did not prepare enough for a project, exam or meeting. These dreams could also indicate a fear of failing. You may be feeling excessively anxious about a real interview or exam and always think pessimistically about the end outcome. Remember that these are dreams and dreaming about failing a test does not mean that you will.