Do you want a secret to a successful life? You’ve got to juice.

If you want to find your energy, then get yourself a good juicing machine. The reason people stop juicing is because they get busy — work, kids, the gym. Everyone knows it’s good for you but many people don’t make a commitment to it, so they let it go.

Juice calms me, gives me energy, refuels me, and I know it does my body good.

Quit drinking Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or whatever sugary thing you do every day and be one of the few that takes control of your body. If you don’t you will never have control over your day, your clients, or your money.

The way to begin juicing is to simply start. Look at it as a way to activate your body into action and fuel your creativity. A quick glass of freshly made juice each day will make you a better a better leader, more clearheaded, a better entrepreneur, a better parent, a better spouse, and make you an overall better citizen of the world.

Juicing daily is an investment in your greatest asset — you. Understand that I am focused on getting control of my vehicle. Go wash your car and tell me you don’t feel better about yourself and that car. It’s your body — control it, work it, and give it a little attention each day so it serves you the best it can. You wake up with it, sleep with it, you have to bring it to work and take it back home each day and feed it, so why not invest in you by fueling the tank correctly?

How do you stay motivated? How do you keep yourself energized and creative? Eat better. You know what I’m talking about and you know your body doesn’t like it when you feed it with junk. I like chocolate and pizza too, but you know one piece is never enough.

To be in charge of your body is vital for success, so what are you eating every day? Why are you not juicing? You have a choice: feel good about yourself, or don’t. There really is no in between!

If juicing is important and you don’t think you have time, think about how much time will it take when you have to handle something down the road like cancer?

Get yourself a juicer, go to the store and get some beets, peppers, ginger, arugula, celery, cucumbers, apples, and whatever other veggies and fruits you can think of and start juicing.

Success is not difficult in this area but it does take commitment.

Be great,


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