It’s in our hands and minds.

1. We are all living together, nobody is trully alone.

2. We affect each other directly and constantly. My hand washing in my house, or its lack, can affect millions of people at the destination of a two hour flight. We need to be responsible for AND beyond our own interest.

3. We need to understand and value the common good. Our intentions and interests must derives from the need to fill in today’s gap to achieve the common good. The benefits will return to each of us naturally and fulfilling.

4. We need to develop a global mind, open ourselves for the common future, change the individual and global perspectives.

5. We need to spend time together, cook, read, walk. We need to get bored. We need to reduce the speed that stirs us crazy and not to adjust structures to speed. Stop. Reflect. Imagine. Create. Learn.

7. If there is bad in the world and it doesn’t affect us directly yet, it will affect someone dear or someone we know. Everyone will eventually sense the consequence.

8. We need to let ourselves belong: to our families, to our communities. For better or for worse. Give, do, be. Follow the safety rules, respect ourselves and others.

9. We need to use technology for health, education and work more than ever before. Location is not relevant anymore.

10. New global rules knock at the door of reality: new mobility means, remote work, digital schools, reduced pollution, better healthcare.

11. The new era will require each of us to be curious, creative and compassionate. With those values we can create the relevant structures that will keep us safe and trigger evolution.

It’s all up to us. It’s all under our control.