In dating or just during mingling this question pops up more often than not, what does a girl really want? What are these qualities that she is looking for in a potential partner? To be able to answer this, one has to understand that every girl out there has some unique and specific preferences when it comes to choosing a potential partner. Some are attracted to those that others term as bad-boys; others just want a mature guy who is nice to them.

Every girl has a list of what she wants in a man, and it goes beyond the physical tall dark and handsome clichés. It includes every single trait that is going to make her be emotionally connected with him forever. Girls always want to feel that emotional connection between her and the guy and any threat to this may ruin the relationship. Let us look at some of the key things that every girl wants in a man.

Honesty and openness

Honesty and openness are the pillars of building trust in any relationships. Honesty means that one speaks the truth always about the most important issues in their lives, never lie and always be open about your dealings. However, this honesty must be in good faith, you should always be sensitive to where brutal honesty may be detrimental. For example, when something sensitive like her weight or sleeping habits rubs you off, learn how to express your feelings without hurting her feelings.

Kindness and Understanding

Not to get it all wrong being kind does not mean being overly nice or being a jerk, it means being able to step down from your ego to accommodate her and everything she cares about. Men who are great listeners are best at understanding the ladies and this is something they all want. Know what turns her off, what she cares about what her thoughts are and such, get to know her deeper.

Wisdom and Intelligence

This is the ability to make wise and mature decisions; it’s also the ability to own up to your mistakes. No lady out there is willing to put up with a man-baby, intelligence helps you come up with better ways of entertaining and being affectionate toward her. For example, all ladies will want a guy with a nice sense of humor, but without intelligence, this can never happen.

Strength and Courage

Emotional and physical strength guarantees the woman all the security she wants. Just like animals, girls will always be attracted to the Alfa males, those that are strong and not weaklings. These traits help to boost your confidence, making you a girl’s magnet.

Compassionate and Loyalty

Being compassionate allows the guy to love and be able to show the love he claims in all his actions, while loyalty requires you to be loyal to her. Many girls despise players and those that only claim to love them but cannot show it by action. Being a man you have to learn to be truthfully compassionate and loyal to your girl making her feel special and cared for. What if you are only interested in NSA relationship? Then you may be the last one that women would like to meet with.