What do you after a break-up? When you have been dumped, left feeling heartbroken, and betrayed, what do you do? How long does it take until you feel like ‘yourself’ again or do you change after every break-up?

How about the addictions that follow – cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, drugs, social media, your phone, sex, meaningless relationships, etc? Have you been trying to quit, but failing?


An Idle Mind is The Devil’s Workshop!

Think about it, the more time you have, the more you end up thinking about all the unnecessary things that you don’t want to.

You look back to those moments, where you gave so much of yourself to another person, and he/she never valued it. It’s like you didn’t matter to him/her, and you feel disgusted with yourself for putting yourself in that position. You start doubting and questioning yourself.

What you’re really looking for is self-worth! And you’re trying to find it with this ‘PERSON’ who used you. You’re never going to find it there because that person does not respect you anymore!



Take back your power! Until now, he/she had it. In spite of EVERYTHING that happened, if that person called (asked you for your help, needed to talk, etc) would you be able to say NO (what if he/she begged?) OR can you actually stop yourself from answering the call? – TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Take a decision that says, this person doesn’t matter to you. No matter what happens, you will not acknowledge his/her existence (even if he/she appears in front of you – you will walk by like you can’t see this person) TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

Addiction, Depression, and Everything in Between.

Cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, drugs, social media, your phone, sex, meaningless relationships – Whatever your poison is, it is a ‘distraction’ that serves one purpose – TO GIVE YOU PLEASURE! 

Addictions manifest as a distraction to our pain, boredom, loneliness, or any feeling that entails ‘suffering’ to our ‘mind’. Our inability to cope with those feelings or makes us turn to the above mentioned ‘distractions’! 

The problem is, our brains release a chemical called ‘DOPAMINE’ which allows us to feel pleasured and motivated. The ‘substances’ that we use as distractions generate ARTIFICIALLY STIMULATED DOPAMINE LEVELS (OR ABNORMAL LEVELS) in our brain. This means once the ‘HIGH’ of the substance wears off, our dopamine level goes down to normal. However, normal isn’t good enough anymore. So we turn to our distractions again. And, as we continue to use them our brain registers higher levels of dopamine than before, whilst our normal levels of dopamine decline drastically!

The suffering is real, but our ‘distraction’ intensifies it! The result is convoluted mood swings, and then eventually, DEPRESSION!

Our only solution is the reprogramming of our brain. 

How do you do it – ABSTINENCE from our respective distraction.

For how long – 90 Days.

Research has shown that it takes 90 days of doing something or not doing something before it becomes a habit! So if you manage to stay off your distraction for 90, days, you’d effectively reprogram your brain TO NOT NEED IT ANYMORE!

I am not the first person to write or talk about this. There are a considerable number of articles out there that talk about addictions and their correlation with dopamine levels, addictions, and the 90-day rule. One Google search will give you all the information out there. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety issues, then I encourage you to do the research for yourself or feel free to get in touch with me!


NO MORE IDLE TIME! The more you choose to be idle, the more you’re going to think about that person and drive yourself crazy.

Now is the time to pick yourself up and be whoever you want to be. What did you always want to do, but always procrastinated or postponed?

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