It’s tough when you meet and fall in love with someone, only to have your family reject him/her. The worst part is when they say ‘no’, it makes you feel like they are criticizing you for your poor judgment, or even worse they could be right! Depending on the situation there are ways of dealing with them so long as the situation isn’t PREJUDICE, where they are BIASED against your partner based for his/her religion, race, gender, etc. and there is no way to change their outlook without having to change their core belief! Having said that let’s take a look at what do you do if your family doesn’t like the person you’re in love with;

Listen To Your Family: You have made bad decisions in the past. Your family knows you too well and is trying to prevent a repeat of what happened before, especially with a relationship as it can significantly affect your future. So listen to your family.

Let Your Family Know How Serious You AreEven though things have happened in your past, you are 100% sure about your partner, and you want to take things forward. In which case, you need to put your foot and let your family know, how serious you are.

Make Them feel Involved: Sometimes, especially people in a family can feel disrespected, ignored, or unimportant when they are not consulted or involved when it comes to big decisions/events. So they act out, they blame “OTHER REASONS or PEOPLE”. Hence make them feel involved in the future of your relationship.

What do you think, are there any other ways to deal with your family! Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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    Know What To Say & How To Say It, and be there for the people who believe in you!

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