There are times when you feel that in life you need to GIVE UP. Other days, you just feel like giving up on your dreams, or you feel you can’t MEET UP?

What about those times when you feel you can’t STAND UP? Or the moments when you feel that doing something that once meant everything to you is now a waste of time, hence you see no reason to GET UP? That is the time you need to keep pushing. That is the time you need to keep moving

Yes, the times may be painful. The days uneventful, the seasons may be without yield. But remember, you need to plant your dreams and aspirations, so as to harvest a bountiful future.

Your dreams are worth a lot more than the troubles you now face.Consider them your track record, your story and your pain. Consider them as those things that will make your greatness boom. Consider them as those things that will make your wait and effort worthwhile.

What story do you have to tell on the day of your glory? What piece did you offer to gain your peace? What struggle did you go through during your troubles that will spur people to work harder and stronger?

Your story isn’t supposed to end on a sad page. Your story is supposed to be a masterpiece and not just a manuscript for a writer. You are supposed to be a story, not just a play. You are supposed to be a voice and not only a speech.

You are supposed to have played the part else your glory be questioned. You are supposed to be a book of inspiration not just a page.

Your song isn’t meant to be a melancholic one, your song doesn’t have to end on a sad note. 

Don’t let the world see you as a mediocrity,rather let them see you as a celebrity who had to work hard and not buy the position then and only then you can have all you dreamed of.

So don’t give up, keep pushing. Even if life tries to break you, don’t break down. Don’t be a chicken who gropes about in the mud but be an eagle, who is the king of the sky.

Don’t give up, keep working. Even if they don’t see it now, one day they will. They will see your stress and your zeal, they will identify your passions and diligence.

One day, some time soon, people will come to identify with your success story, one in which you could share your painful glory.

The road to success isn’t smooth but very rough and you are expected to have a few bruises, yet you are required to keep running. Keep striving even though you are tired for it is only at the finish line, the glory is given. Remember no one cheers for those who stop along the way and never get to the finish line. 

The world celebrates success,let the world celebrate yours too. The world celebrates prosperity and zeal,let the world share your story.

Trust me, they are waiting to celebrate you,they are waiting to explore that idea of yours. They are in dire need for what you have to offer.They are willing to pay to have that brilliant inspiration of yours.

So don’t give up, someday it will be worth the wait. You would be like a bride walking down the isle whom everyone gives a stand in ovation.

You would be a voice, who when everyone hears, they would stop and listen. You would be a leader who everyone wants to emulate.

If only you can say and pledge to these seven words   “I PLEDGE THAT I WON’T GIVE UP”

Don’t give up, keep pledging and keep moving.

What do you pledge to do today that works in line of your dreams and aspirations? What do you pledge to keep on doing till you see your dreams become a reality? Remember, it only takes the one who doesn’t back down to succeed.

 What are your pledges for today? 

iPledge to work hard and never give up. iPledge to keep pushing so as to meet up. iPledge to keep striving till I can breakthrough. iPledge to work in line with my purpose today. iPledge to do better with myself. iPledge to love the Lord always and do his commandments. iPledge to myself to uphold this duty.