In a world that angles for our attention, anger, partiality and strife . . . what, exactly, do you stand for?

For some of us, the question is hard to answer. We’ve become easy pawns for influences around us that vie for our loyalty.  Sometimes, amid the confusion and din, we lose connection with just who we are, what we believe in, and the values we hold true and dear.

It’s no wonder.

Throughout time, societies have been co-opted by the minds and plans of others.

It’s not until later, after devastation and even loss of human life have resulted, that those who followed the leads of others realize they were hoodwinked. Defrauded and plundered. Personally, professionally, financially and even in their relationships with others.

Latest Podcast

I was inspired to ask readers and listeners, here in the U.S. as well as overseas, “What do you stand for?”

The question, if considered in the quietness of your own soul, may reveal just how powerful you are as a potential agent for positive change.

For everyone who is looking forward to a brighter and better world ahead, one that advances humanity as a whole, may you re-discover just what YOU stand for.

Once you do, may you stand in that wonderful space and serve as a hopeful beacon for those around you!  

Click here for my latest podcast 168 What Do You Stand For?

Bonus Videos

You might be wondering, “Just how do I stand for something? What does it look like? Feel like?” For some further inspiration, enlightenment and clarification on this most recent blog, check out some earlier videos I created on the topic:

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Click here for my video taken in front of the Peace Palace in The Netherlands and talking about, “Making a Peace Palace of You.”

Previous Podcasts

If you missed me on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart or any other platform, listen here to two of my more recent podcasts. Expect each episode to inspire you, empower you and make you think in new ways!

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Wherever you are and wherever you go, may you stand for something wonderful  —  and good!

Maura Sweeney Looking for Happiness at Boston Waterfront

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