What is going well for you? 

When was the last time you focused on how to get more of the good in your life? I realize that this year has presented a great number of challenges, but it also has provided some incredible opportunities for growth and goodness.

Families are eating more meals together because there are fewer commitments pulling on their time. 

My family has started weekly Zoom calls connecting us across the country regularly instead of just once or twice a year on vacation or holidays. 

So as I reflect on 2020, I am focusing on what has gone well. Where were the unexpected gifts and moments of love and even miracles. I am looking for what I want more of in the new year. 

More connection. 

More freedom.

More love. 

I think about this in my life, my business and with my clients as well. 

As a business coach, women are often drawn to work with me because they have a problem or a struggle in accomplishing a goal they have. This ranges from starting their business to scaling it to adding a new product line. 

Whatever the thing is, they are hitting roadblocks or don’t know how to do some part of it. 

Often, they bring insecurity, self doubt and imposter syndrome along with them as we begin our journey together. 

They often feel incapable even though their resumes, life experiences, education and so many other pieces of evidence demonstrate the complete opposite. 

Rather than getting started with talking about what is going wrong or where they are struggling. I ask them about their strengths. We talk about what they want to have more of in their lives. 

I ask them to look for the small miracles and the proof they are capable. 

When we start conversations looking for the good and root out what we want more of, we are better able to get there because we are opening ourselves up to the possibility that there is something to build on and a positive emotion to work toward. 

If you know what you are good at, you are able to use those things. You can start to make progress with confidence and lay a strong foundation for growth. This confidence allows us to open up to possibility instead of frustration or stagnation and possibly giving up. 

Moving our thoughts from what is going wrong to a place where we can find love allows us to open ourselves up to more goodness.

At the beginning of this pandemic, I slipped into thinking about the negative and the impacts it might have on my life and business. This mindset led me to a dark place for a moment. 

Then I was reminded that while the pandemic would inevitably affect my business in some ways, it also allowed me to leverage what I do well. My entrepreneurial journey has been built upon my desire and ability to build community. This time in our homes and of uncertainty has brought to light our desire as humans to connect. 

I leveraged my community and the connections I have built to support my business during very scary times. Each day, I strive for more and more connection and over and over I am finding there is support for my businesses because of this. 

When I chose to put love into the world and focus on my human experience to build connection, I was able to accomplish the goals I set for my business this year and then some. 

So as we move forward to 2021, perhaps take a moment to consider what you want to keep from 2020, what’s going well.

 What can you take with you into this new year to build the life you want personally and professionally?

Photo by Dawid Zawiła from Unsplash