Recently, I wrote about our pursuits at This App Saves Lives to put an end to dangerous behavior of distracted driving, which results in nearly two deaths every hour. I received an outpouring of responses from individuals who have either been personally affected by distracted driving or who resonate strongly with our mission to make the world a safer place.

Some, recounted the loss of loved ones. Others simply resonated with the pervasiveness of this problem and wished for better for their families. One person confided that he recently overcame a debilitating disease and with a new lease on life, he wants to give back to others. No matter what the circumstances, all have selflessly pledged their support.

All of this begs the question, ‘What do you want to be remembered for?

Several years ago, I found myself asking this question. As an aside, this is the first time I’ve ever shared this story publicly.

It was Christmas, 2017, and in an instant, my life changed. My wife awoke in the middle of the night to find me writhing around on the bedroom floor in the midst of a seizure. I was rushed to the hospital where I spent nearly a week undergoing extensive testing. Doctors were puzzled by the inconclusiveness of the results. I spent the next three months recovering at home in a state of physical weakness and mental opacity. Not knowing what had caused the seizure, I lived in a heightened state of fear that it would happen again.

During that time, I resolved that if I made a full recovery, I would refocus my energy and outlook on the things that mattered most to me. Family. Friendship. Positivity.

It shouldn’t take a life altering experience for us to take stock of where we are in life and what imprint we wish to leave upon the world. We all have the ability to course-correct in an instant. And regardless of where we direct our attention or align our goals, there’s really no wrong answer. Whether it’s building a business empire, donating time or resources to charitable causes or simply committing to spend more time with the ones we love, the choice is yours.

The only mistake we can make is not reflecting, every so often, on the life we’re living and whether we’re proud of how we’ll be remembered for the actions we take on a daily basis.

What do you want to be remembered for?


  • Ryan Frankel

    Founder, CEO

    This App Saves Lives

    Founder of This App Saves Lives ("TASL"), a mobile app-based solution that rewards driving who abstain from distracted driving. TASL is a proud Techstars portfolio company. Former founder of the online nutrition coaching platform, EduPlated. Previous CEO and Co-Founder of VerbalizeIt, a language translation services company featured on Shark Tank and which was acquired in 2016. Author, Wharton MBA alumnus, former Techstars CEO, Inc. Magazine Top 35 Under 35. Ironman triathlete. New Dad and longtime Golden Retriever lover.