It’s natural that how we feel about our business will change over the years. But pay attention to your thoughts. Are you thinking about what you don’t want? Or are you thinking about what you do want? It matters. A lot. And you’ll be able to tell by noticing how you feel.

Thoughts about what you want will create feelings of excitement and curiosity. Thoughts about what you don’t want will lead to frustration and impatience.

“My business consumes all my time” triggers overwhelm.

I’m doing things in my business I don’t want to do” causes frustration or resentment.

I’m putting out fires all day” makes us annoyed and exhausted.

The results you get in your business are affected by how you feel.

When frustration, overwhelm, and resentment are the emotions driving your actions, it’s like driving down the road with one foot on the gas and one on the brake. It creates interference and collateral damage. It takes longer or you don’t get the results you want. 

You can change how you feel by shifting your focus to what you want. Think of it as two sides of a coin. What you want is on the other side of what you don’t want. The minute you start to feel negative emotion, you know you’re focusing on what you don’t want. Flip the coin and reframe your thoughts. 

When you align your feelings with the results you want, you get them faster and enjoy the journey. Imagine how you’ll feel once your business runs without taking all of your time—free, confident, relaxed. Create those feelings on purpose before you take action so that your results are aligned.

Imagine a compelling future.

When you have a compelling future that’s calling to you, then your focus shifts to answering my favorite question: “How can I…?”

How can I scale my business and cut my hours in half?

How can I generate recurring revenue?

How can I differentiate my business so that we own our niche?

What does that future look like for you? It could be the solution you want to productize, the systems that will lead to 10X growth, the team you want to build. Maybe you want to start a new business, build a house, write a book. Don’t be stopped by thoughts that you don’t have time, or it’s too late, or it might not work.

Imagine the future you who has reached your compelling goals. How do you think, feel, and act? In your mind, put yourself in that future now. Then practice thinking, feeling, and doing those things now. 

The business you have today reflects your past thinking. It’s up to you to create the future you want.