companionship for elderly

Companion – This word means sympathy, trust, and sharing.  And companion caregiver is a person who provides companion care to the needy ones.

That type of care is mostly needed by the older persons as they are the earnest deservers of that sympathy, trust, and sharing.

Older Adults – Earnest deservers of companion care!

We say older adults are the earnest deservers of this companion care!

But why is it so?

It is because they are at that stage of their age in which they have to spend their life mostly alone.

Because their children have grown up now who have to go to their offices or any other workplace.

 So, their children usually don’t have time to reduce their boredom or share their feelings.

That’s the reason older age persons feel mostly alone and deeply require someone to share their feelings, quality time, and thoughts.

That’s why, the people who care for their seniors or their loved ones, usually tend to hire a private companion caregiver from any In-Home services providing agency.

But what does a companion caregiver do for your loved ones? That’s the question that pops up in the minds of people who urges to hire a companion caregiver in the future.

Are you also one of those???

If Yes… then we will guide you here about everything you need to know – what is companion caregiver, what type of care does it provide, what is companion care, and what services you can avail of by hiring a companion caregiver?

So, let’s start with…

What is companion care?

Companion care for seniors by a professional provides a pack of assistance for older adults filled with professionalism, experience, and sympathy. This is the care that actually a senior needs to live safely and comfortably at home.

“Companion Care is a type of care that is included in In-Home Care Services that comes up with essential assistance to elderly and disabled adults.”

This type of In-Home Care comprises a wide range of services from basic tasks and activities to companionship. The basic tasks and activities include those ADLs that many of the seniors find really difficult to perform.

The basic life activities can be assisted with any person who is a caregiver. But Companion Care is really something more than that.

Companion care helps older adults to spend quality time and raising the standards of living. With companion care, seniors can sustain their routines and continue to age in place.

Who is a companion caregiver?

“Companion caregiver is a person who gives your loved one’s companion care”

This type of companion caregivers is usually called at service through the agencies providing In-Home Care.

The essence of companion care is “Friendliness”!

Companion caregivers can run errands for the senior, for example, can do shopping, groceries, or picking up medications. They can also do the lighthouse keeping tasks like dusting, meal preparation, and laundry.

But the thing which distinguishes the essence of companion care from typical care is the “friendliness” that this care offers.

Companion caregiver provides more than just running errands, doing shopping, buying groceries, or picking up medications.  This care is specially designed to improve the quality of life in other ways!

Senior companion sitters become friends with your loved ones and can act as partners for their hobbies, activities, and playing games to cheer them up.

They can also assist seniors in getting to appointments and social outings and engaging in friendly conversations with the clients.

Such activities can fill the desolate hearts of your seniors with life and happiness. More precisely, companion care proves to be a lifeline for older adults.

Companion Sitter ending the cycle of social isolation!

Seniors mostly face the problem of social isolation that has been proved to be the major cause of depressive diseases in these folks.

But a companion sitter is very beneficial in that case. It really enlivens the isolated seniors with social interaction and regular companionship, ultimately ending the cycle of senior isolation.

Now it comes to know – what are the services that are included in the companion care. Or what does a senior companion caregiver do?

What does a companion caregiver do?

A companion sitter put forwards the supreme emotional care and friendship for the seniors.

A companion is a comrade, a confidant, and an assistant – a person who is always near you to play games, share meals, go outside for outings, share stories, take a walk around the road or simply sit with the older folks and listen to the music or watch a movie!

A companion caregiver does all these things just for your loved ones to make them feel precious and worth living. A companion for the elderly offers the following services to the older folks along with friendliness! It includes;

1- Assisting in ADLs

The term ADLs stand for Activities of daily living. What are the activities of daily living for seniors?

In that case, it includes ambulation activities like sitting, standing, walking around, and laying down. A companion can help seniors in all these activities of daily life.

2- Helping in the maintenance of personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene includes the maintenance of the cleanliness of your body.

A companion caregiver can help the seniors in maintaining their personal hygiene. They can assist the older adults in bathing, grooming, setting hairs, and dressing up.

3- Upholding transportation services

Older adults are unable to walk and ride alone. A companion can assist the seniors in attending the doctors’ appointments or going outside for outings, attending a social event, religious services, and more.

4- Running errands and buying groceries or shopping

A companion caregiver can also run errands on the behalf of the clients and can also assist in buying groceries and doing shopping.

5- Support in housekeeping and laundry

A senior companion can help to maintain the hygienic environment of the home by supporting lighthouse keeping and laundry. So that, the seniors always feel comfortable, contented, and pleased at home.

6- Assistance in the meal preparation and social media

A person providing seniors companionship care can also fortify the nutritional health of the seniors by making nutritionally healthy and balanced meals for them. All of us know that health is wealth.

So they strive to maintain the health of senior folks with a healthy and hygienic meal. A senior companion also assists the elderly to develop relationships with a friend through social connections and be up-to-date through social media.

7- Exercise and medication alerts:

A senior companionship provides the utmost non-medical care and maintains the mental and physical well-being of the older folks by assisting and reminding the exercise, yoga, and medicine alerts.

Companionship for elderly

In the light of the above discussion, a general caregiver is not the companion but a companion is also a caregiver. Making it simple, a typical caregiver just provides you In-Home services limited to ADLs but a companion caregiver provides the care far beyond this.

He/she is a person who helps the elderly stay active and social, living an independent and reasonable life throughout.