Recently I have been forced to ask myself the question that so many of my patients ask me, “What does healthy look like”, what does a healthy business look like, a healthy child look like, a healthy marriage, friendship, nights sleep, bank account, a healthy diet? How would any of us possibly know these answers. Medicine tells us what is ‘unhealthy’, society tells us what is ‘unhealthy’ and so does the economy.

As divinely created human beings we all have a slight hint to our uniqueness when we look at our finger tips or think about our heritage but still we have a need to run with the herd. We like to be told what we should aim for when the answer is so innately embedded within each one of us.

Why have we lost our ability to truly listen? Is your world so noisy with busyness that you can’t recognise a persistent hip pain or being in debt or wanting more botox as a sign that not all is well?

So stop looking outward and be still long enough to look inward to see what is so vibrantly healthy in your being that it allows you to go to work, to be able to provide, to be able to enjoy and to be able to know what true health really means.

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