Happy Easter to all who are celebrating on this beautiful day, and happy Passover for those who celebrated. This is among the most holy weeks of the year marked by death, redemption and resurrection.   

Scary and unsettling words that are playing pretty big right now. We are grieving for lives lost and for our lives that are now changed forever. 

We’ve already begun a new. We are digging in and have the opportunity to not just survive but thrive.   What does it look like to thrive?   

Now is the time to be a role model.  

Model the behavior you admire in others — other parents, friends, colleagues, business owners. Adopt a role model mindset so when you look back at this time you’ll be proud of what you recreated, reset, rebooted.  

Now is the time to rise anew in this new time. If we don’t do it now — strive for our next — then when? Now is not the time to get left behind. Now’s the time to adapt and develop new strengths. 

Learn a new skill and then go teach what you know someone else — this was the most memorable thing Martha Stewart said to me during my 19 years of working for her. 

I tried to do that each day this week. I’ve learned so much about Zoom, about email marketing, Canva, about coaching through a crisis, and I’ve tried to share what I know with as many people as would listen.    

Pause, quit, bail? No! 

‘It is more important to be of service than successful’. This is a Robert F. Kennedy quote which hits home for me right now.   

Social distancing should not distance us from the goodness we can bring others — both personally and for our work. When we give our brain is wired to feel good with chemicals that boost our mental wellbeing.  

Do one thing today in service to someone else. It will bring you joy on this joyous day.   Tomorrow take on the day like nothing can stop you to create, be in service and be that role model. 

If you still are not sure what to do, reach out ask for help.  The nicest thing we can do for ourselves is ask for help.   What are you doing to model the behavior you admire?