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Upon leaving the traditional school setting and starting to travel the world at 16, I’ve decided to massively improve the level of balance in my life. As a result, I feel much better.

Before deciding to figure out a way to create more harmony in my life, I wasn’t striving to achieve lots of my needs, I disregarded lots of things because I couldn’t be bothered to take the time to do them. Our lives are made up of different elements and balance amongst them is crucial for a happy, healthy and harmonious life.

The key elements are physical health, emotional health, spiritual well being, social connection, work life, family, goals and dreams. Each one of these elements is just as important as the other.

Therefore, to truly feel fulfilled in our life we have to be able to optimize each of them and find our balance. Not everyone’s are the same, we all have different goals, dreams, aspirations and needs. Identifying and achieving yours will be a lifelong journey, so enjoy it.

In my life I’ve always prioritized physical health over other areas. My social connections were very underdeveloped and my emotional health was for the most part ignored. My spiritual life was non existent.

My day to day life pretty much consisted of:

● Wake up early

● Go to school

● Survive school and try to engage

● Come home

● Eat

● Do my school work

Photo by Aziz Acharki

After completing my school work and finishing lunch, I would exercise (most days) and walk my dogs. When I was done with that, I would have dinner, maybe play some piano and then pretty much just play computer games for the remaining time. My life seemed like the same days just repeated over and over again.

1) What exactly is balance?

Balance in life, to me at least, means when all the different aspects of our lives are equally as important and that we work on each area to overall better ourselves. I believe that we can have a flourishing physical life and spiritual life, but without a strong social and emotional life we would only be able to go so far, we would reach a limit.It’s important to have balance in our lives to live a healthy well rounded and fully connected life.

Being connected is the best part of life and without a spiritual connection to ourselves and our feelings, we would limit ourselves.  Also, without social and physical connection, we would disconnect from people and the world around us. Trust me; the beauty it has to offer is something you never want to miss.

2) Identifying imbalance

If you’re unsure of how to identify where these imbalances in your life may be, try doing the following; ask yourself where you’re achieving all your goals desires and more, but also those places where you seem to have been stuck without movement for a while or you can never find time for them.

Got them? Ok, now the next step is to accept that they exist, and do not worry about them, it’s all happening for a reason. Imbalance in our lives may happen for many reasons, but the fun part is identifying why specifically these areas may be behind.

3) Obtaining balance

Once you’ve identified the areas you may be overly investing in, which are in return taking away from other parts, you can do something about them. The first step is always being aware. So perhaps you’re currently working primarily on your financial life, focusing on your job. Now that is fine, unless it hinders you in other areas, such as social connections, family time, the time you take to look after your mind, body and soul.

If you find yourself unconsciously working over time, perhaps ask yourself why you’re doing it and if it’s worth the sacrifice from other important areas of your life. I would suggest working on the elements you may be rejecting a little, let them catch up and I guarantee that it will increase the elements you already excel in and those that you don’t, by tremendous amounts.

In conclusion, balance is a very crucial part of life, without it we can feel as if we’re stuck in one place, that our lives are planned out for us and that we can’t change them. Finding which areas you’re potentially not focusing on enough can open up a whole new and exciting chapter to your life.

If some fear is holding you back from something or you’re procrastinating, I invite you to acknowledge your fears, love them and then push forward. Do what makes you scared because to expand our limits we need to push them. Don’t sit around and let life just happen; make it a beautiful, balanced and harmonious combination that breathes life to your deepest desires.