If there is anything that compares a human with an angel, philanthropy would be it. Not only are philathropists smart, but they also serve a great purpose to provide holistic and long-term solutions for persistent problems. Philanthropic people strive for the welfare of others through charity, funds, and selfless attitude. They devote their life and resources for the betterment of the world without expecting a return.

In today’s world, where people are easily caught up with their own struggles, it is very difficult to think for others and go out of the way to help them. Only a few people have a heart big enough tp dedicate their entire life serving the needy. Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Mark Zuckerberg are few who are known to the world and have done a lot to serve humanity. While there are few who manage to appear in the limelight, there are plenty of other philanthropists and charity workers who do not receive enough appreciation. Among them is Dr. DinahLilia Mourise, an Egyptian-Canadian social worker, entrepreneur, politician, and philanthropist. She has devoted her life to serving humanity and eradicating wrongdoings from the world.

Dedication to Serve Humanity

Dr. DinahLilia Mourise comes from an Egyptian royal background but kept herself away from it. She found herself inclined towards helping the ones in need. Mourise, since her college years, was actively involved in various charities and participated in numerous fund-raising events. She had developed a habit of heading to the Lilian Orphanage after finishing up with her university work. She used to feed the children with her own hands and sing for them. She was given the title of ‘Karwaan,’ which meant ‘the singing bird.’

Being involved charities, made DinahLilia realize that she had a greater purpose in life. Her journey was not restricted to merely spending good time with the children; rather, she aimed to relieve the children from their adversities. This passion of hers led to the foundation of her non-profit organization ‘The Lilia Redemption Foundation.’ The objective of her foundation is to find a solution to put a stop to child trafficking.

A Brave Face

The second step to be a philanthropist is to have a fearless attitude that helps face problems and difficult situations. Dr. DinahLilia Mourise has a brave heart. The path that she chose was not an easy one. It required her to be tough and daring, which Dr. Mourise was. To fulfill her foundation’s aim, Dr. Mourise built a fearless and highly efficient team. Most of the members who played a significant role were former military people, and some were those who had lost their children.

Dr. DinahLilia Mourise often went on rescue hunts with her team to save the abandoned children and rescue them from dangerous criminals. There were times when her team and she were attacked and scared, but nothing lowered her spirits, and they continued with their mission.

Undying Spirit

While Dr. Mourise was on her mission to improve the living standards of the underprivileged, life had blown multiple hits at her. She had been betrayed and had to deal with multiple frauds.  The challengs did not stop here, there were several attempts to shake Dr. Mourise’s courage and lower her confidence while she was preparing to run for the Canadian presidency. She was attacked, ridiculed, and called out on her religion, faced numerous false allegations, was given false hopes and promises for votes, and was backstabbed several times by her so-called friends.

Dr. Mourise said, “I had a goal and a vision, and the only reason I have not won the elections, is not because of my lack of knowledge, but the fact that I wasn’t willing to play by their rules. Rules of dirty politics.” She knew that politics was not purely the service of people; instead, it was ugly and corrupted, from which she refrained.

Business-Oriented Mind

Dr. Mourise’s had a business-oriented mind, which worked both ways; earn profit and simultaneously benefit society. She achieved this through her security company OEIS, which is based and operates in Niagara Falls in Canada. The objective of her company is to offer privacy protection to celebrities and influential people. In addition to that, OEIS also provides training services to people in Niagara Falls to take up jobs in the security sector.

With the help of her security firm, Dr. DinahLilia Mourise earns to be independent and aid her foundation (operational in Cairo) and serves to protect the residents of Niagara Falls. The story of Dr. Mourise is worth narrating to the youngsters. It will motivate them and inspire them to think about the welfare of others rather themselves.