“We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders Fields.”

– In Flander’s Fields, John McCrae

Have you ever felt like you’re not getting what you deserve? Felt like despite of all the effort you put in, and all the pain you take, you are still treated no better than someone who has been walking down the exact opposite road. It sure hurts when you care for someone so much, yet that person is least bothered to even realize this. It hurts when you deem your actions wrong, when they are clearly not, just to make sure that the other person isn’t hurt and this person; just goes about indifferently trying to strangle your hope without any sympathy or pity for that matter. Why is it that there is only this one person who keeps compromising? You keep trying your best not to hurt anyone and yet it just doesn’t seem to be working. Yes, I did try giving it a few hits and changing the oil, it still doesn’t work.

Is this how a person says ‘Thank you’ for everything an individual has done for them? I sure hope not. It is no surprise that hearts go stone cold in this world. How can one expect a heart to stay ‘human’ amidst all this greed and hatred? The term ‘Pathetic’ is not often properly used but, the situation of the world and life today can be called pathetic in all its true meaning. What does it take to change this? What does it take to receive what you deserve? What does it take?

And then to make it worse you have the responsibilities in life. Yeah I mean work and similar bloodsucking activities. Well it doesn’t apply for the very few people who love their work but I think I’m speaking for the majority here. You toil in circumstances harder than what those naysayers can possibly imagine, you come up with prodigious results and yet they don’t even bother to appreciate you with a heartening yet simple ‘Good Job’. You work all your body fat off and stress yourself until all your hair falls out and yet you receive nothing. It’s almost as if their vocabulary is devoid of appreciative words, and in my opinion that is a jolly rotten vocabulary. Once again that question comes to mind…”What does it take?”

Originally published at archiveofthearcane.blogspot.in