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Every time period has its own heroes. They express the hopes and desires of the people in a specific place and time. The Victorian era trees gracing palatial abodes, the lush trees of the 1950s and 60s expressing people’s desires for a more peaceful and comfortable life, the paired down decorations of the 1970s heralding the spirit of the progressive movements across the globe, the exaggeration of the 1980s and 1990s, the indifference of the past two decades, the disillusionment of many hopes in many countries.

And now? Now, new heroes emerge and with them the desire of the people for two fundamental rights that appear threatened in our times: the desire for health and the desire for justice.

Dr. Fauci is the American immunologist who headed the Trump administration task force addressing the pandemic in the USA.
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Professeur Raoult, a specialist in infectious diseases who is fighting for a cure, and a nurse. Made by Mme Fabienne Pardi in France.

The smiling happy blond angels of years past, give place to Dr Fauci and Professeur Raoult, two people of the medical profession with different opinions, from different countries, who try to do their best for people’s health in the time of the pandemic. Also nurses, those who form the network of support in a time of insecurity and loneliness. Dr Fauci will be hanging from the Christmas tree, while Professeur Raoult will be pledging the humanity’s cause in the santon, the French traditional nativity scene, at the feet of baby Jesus and Virgin Mary.

Ruth Baden Ginsburg Christmas ornement
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US Supreme court Justice Ruth Baden Ginsburg who passed away last September will also be present, asking for justice and equality for all.

Justice, equality, health. It all boils down to this triptych, expressing people’s concerns and preoccupations regarding increasing fear, violence and despair across the globe.

It is only fitting that those three should stand for mankind at the feet of the most righteous of all, pledging the cause of humanity.