There are things we cannot change, and for such, have the wisdom to accept them to find your peace. There are things that you can change, find the courage to do just that and finally, spread this wisdom among others. Acceptance has been at the root of much upheaval at a personal level and at a community level for many of us.

We all know that there are things we cannot change. Going at it, again and again expecting to see a change is nothing short of foolishness. Accepting it for what it is and finding constructiveness around it helps balance our own emotional and psychological wellbeing while allowing us the time and strength to work on things that we can influence, for the better.

When faced with a health situation, a financial crisis or a relationship catastrophe, emotions tend to take over and reign supreme. We lose ourselves within them instead of focusing on coping with the situation. In order to recover and take that next step, it’s important to accept what has happened, the reality of it, in order to move forward.

Easier said than done, right?

Failure to accept reality causes more confusion and suffering than already mediated by the situation. It’s not a mechanism to get over something but to get through it in the right sense, the right way and ensure, it remains a right experience when you look back.

Learning acceptance is a life long process. It allows for clarity in a situation that promotes confusion and despair. As a result of the clarity, you get to control the experience to provide better outcomes that would not be present otherwise.

Acceptance is a willful and courageous action. Its great to have goals and pursue them. After all, our resilience is tested by our efforts to make things happen. You might have heard the phrase, man proposes and god disposes! What happens when your best laid plans fail? It’s easy to feel sad when you fall short of your own expectations. But, in such moments, what’s needed is not just blindly accepting for what is but, not giving up on your self, your self worth, self love and appreciation of challenges and to go at them to win. When you have this, you will move forward no matter the outcome.

Don’t judge or overanalyze and get trapped in that maze. It’s not about you or the merits and demerits of the outcome. It’s just acceptance of what the situation is. Its human nature to attribute the reason for the outcome to someone else or ourselves. But, many times that’s far from the case. And no amount of blame game will help you move forward. Accept the situation and take that next step in the direction you need to; to make progress, to move forward.

It might seem difficult, at first, to cognitively manage your inherent reactions to situations. But, to be absolutely clear, acceptance doesn’t mean giving up or showing your weakness. It means respecting the process for what it is, and knowing that even the situation or outcome that you are in, is temporary, and has to change. Experience the moment and find lessons to make you tougher through them. Find control so you may maintain balance, no matter the outcome. Acknowledge your own role in the situation and don’t get burdened by your analysis of it. Instead, think of the next step to change the status quo.

We all tend to be harder on ourselves than needed. To a certain degree, owning up allows for corrective action but, being hard on oneself helped no one reinvent themselves constructively. Being bogged down by guilt or repression is no answer. A positive mind is always pushing forward. Know it in yourself that you are better than this. And when you do, no amount of shortcomings can get in your way of progress. Acceptance is a way of understanding your experience in the moment and evolving your thought process by looking inside from the outside at the situation. It helps you prepare better for the next step in the process.

Everything around you may look dark and gloomy and you just don’t see any way out of the despair. It may seem impossible to find a spark in the situation you are in. But, know that there is always something to look forward to in the darkest of experiences. It asks for time and effort on your part and the ability to look for the rainbow beyond the horizon. Through acceptance, find clarity. Associate but also disassociate yourself from the situation and outcomes to find that clarity of path and only then, can you move forward.

After all, life is a journey that we are all on and no amount of ups or downs can stop us from going through it!

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