We are one unified system: our body, breath, thoughts; what we know in our head and what we know in our heart.

It might be the big question in our life. What am I here for? What is my purpose?

It might be a choice between two good options.  Do I take this job or this other one? Do I sign up for a course or use that time to go for a daily walk or do I commit to volunteer?

Do I stay in this relationship or is it time to leave?

We negotiate these questions all the time in life. How do we know what is right for us? People offer us their opinion. Some might be wiser. Some might have ulterior motives. Our habit might be to jump in without much thought or it could be that we drift along taking the path of least resistance without giving ourselves the opportunity to really lean in to the question.

Our gut sense is an inner knowing. We sense this path is not the right one. There is something off about this person. We might experience that as a pain or a sinking feeling in our stomach. Perhaps we make a decision to do something then find ourselves procrastinating. That can also be a clue we are not aligned with our deeper knowing.

The busyness of our thinking mind can drown out our intuition. Sleep on it. Go for a walk. Distract yourself temporarily. These can all clear the room for our intuition to come forward.

Tune in to your heart centre and ask. When we ask the question, we are not trying to figure it out or provide an answer through our cognitive faculties, the thinking brain. We are dropping the question in, paying attention to it, and listening.

What does the heart know?

There are many steps to implementing what the heart knows. It may or may not be easy or even possible in the short term to follow our heart. Still, it is a good thing to know.

Try this practice. What does your heart know?

(5 min)