Ed Sheeran recently set the record for the highest grossing concert tour of all-time, as his Divide tour surpassed U2 by earning over $730 million worldwide.

But in 2010, he was one of millions of musicians looking for the elusive “big break.” What was the difference between millions of fans and colossal failure?

Ed Sheeran and I backstage before his concert in Tampa, Florida in 2015.

I had a chance to meet Ed several times during my former career as a radio industry executive. Aside from being one of the most gracious and humble celebrities I’ve ever met, Ed was also full of wisdom about breaking the mold, achieving your dreams, and living an amplified life.

After being told by several UK record labels that he didn’t look like a pop star and that it “wasn’t going to happen,” Ed came to the United States in 2010 looking to breakthrough. A live performance at a nightclub caught the attention of Oscar-winning actor, Jamie Foxx, who invited Ed to live at his home while playing the LA club scene.

After a string of successful club dates and the newfound confidence that comes with having a mentor like Jamie Foxx in his corner, Ed went back to the UK to prove the critics wrong. He independently released a string of EP’s, got signed to a major record label, and the rest is history.

When asked if he still thinks about some of his old musician friends who didn’t “make it,” Ed shared this bit of wisdom:

“The only people I know who didn’t make it were the ones who had a Plan B. The people who went all-in all succeeded.”

And THAT’S the mindset that helped him create a $730 million dollar tour over the last year.

It’s also the mindset that helped me leave my high-paying, but low-fulfillment corporate career in 2015 to start my coaching practice.

Everyone in my life told me to take another “safe” job and build my business on the side. However, I knew that treating my dream like Plan B would always keep it on the backburner.

After coaching clients now across 15 countries and talk to listeners of my Life Amplified Podcast, I’ve seen and heard the stories that keep good people with amazing gifts feeling stuck in a small life:

  • A. You’re too obsessed over what’s not working in your life and never create a plan for what you DO want.
  • B. You judge your dream as “unrealistic,” so you’re always thinking about Plan B (which is essentially just planning to fail).
  • C. You don’t have your own Jamie Foxx, a mentor or supporter in your corner who has the certainty and confidence you can lean into on the days it all seems like it’s out of reach.

I believe every person has an extraordinary gift they could offer the world, but may have forgotten about. Up until now, you’ve bought into the conditioning of who you were raised to be instead of who you really are.

All you need is clarity, an all-in commitment, and a mentor who can support you, help you identify, and ultimately remove the hidden beliefs keeping you stuck.

Because as Ed Sheeran shares “Even when people tell you it won’t work, stick with it and eventually it will. Because there’s 7.5 billion people in the world and there’s bound to be at least person who needs what you have to offer.”

It’s time to stop living your backup plan and calling it a life. When Plan A becomes a committed decision instead of dream, your life will amplify quicker than you could imagine.

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