manifest and achieve goals

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I avoid doing things because I just don’t feel confident. I hang back and feel like that nervous kid at school, scared to stand on stage in case everyone laughs at me. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about putting yourself “out there” then grab a drink because sister, here is what every woman needs to stop doing today to manifest and achieve her goals. 

manifest and achieve goals

We all have dreams and goals that are unique right? Over the years I have wanted to start businesses, create programs, figure out how to do headstands and write a book. All of these I have achieved and manifested, but not before I had to do some serious mindset shifting.

I was scared shirtless that I would fail, as I did once when I fell off a stage in front of 50 people teaching an aerobics class. And the funniest thing is every time I decide to try for something new I must remind myself to stop doing the three things below too.

So know you’re in good company AND also know that YOU can achieve any goal and manifest any dream you desire

What every woman needs to stop doing TODAY to manifest and achieve her goals !

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

We all do it. We start scrolling through instagram or Facebook and see those glossy pics of ladies running marathons with perfect hair or making 20k+ a month surrounded by smiling kiddos all wearing perfect colour coordinated clothes. That’s just what I saw 10 minutes ago. 

It’s very easy to slip into comparison mode, which very quickly escalates to you feeling like crap. Your inner mean girl launches herself into full voice in your mind and instead of taking action towards your dream, you pause – sometimes for a really long time. 

Please stop comparing yourself. Instead break-up with your inner mean girl and think of these posts and photos as signs from the Universe that all is possible for you too. 

  1. Stop giving your energy away to your excuses

Everytime you tell yourself “You can’t because…… (insert your excuse)”, you stop taking inspired action. You stop thinking outside the square and instead start limiting yourself and keep yourself stuck.

Next time you hear an excuse as to “why” you can’t have what you want, try saying this… “Well, I once thought that, but today I choose differently. I can…, I believe all is possible for me”. 

  1. Stop wearing uncomfortable underwear

I wish I could turn this into a billboard sign. Uncomfortable undies or saggy baggy granny undies only ever make you feel like crap! I have never met a woman who feels confident, empowered or good in her skin (all things you need if you are going to manifest and achieve your goals) when she is walking around with a pair of undies flossing in between her butt cheeks. At the very least invest in some underwear that makes you feel supported YET amazing. It is one of the ultimate acts of self-love.