What everybody ought to know about Authenticity.

Authenticity Makes the Difference.

Authenticity is about being you. It is about being the real you,not pretending or disguising yourself as someone different. It means accepting yourself just as you are and sharing the gift of the original you with the world.

The masks are always on.

People are wearing masks these days and you cannot tell whom they really are. They hide their identity and pose as an imitation of someone else.

In this age of social media, many people live a different life through their online profiles. They want to show the world that everything about them is perfect and they are rich with flashy cars and luxurious holidays.

You are a gift worth sharing.

Life is not about money, fame and material things. There is more to life than that. Life is about discovering who you are and being the best version of yourself. It is identifying the uniqueness in you and being the best gift that this world can have.

A meaningful life is a life that has an impact on other people. Deep inside of you, you are carrying a solution for this world. It is your duty to identify what it is and learn how to unwrap it from your heart and share it with the world. This makes the world a better place.

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Imitation is Limitation

John Mason named one of his books “Imitation is limitation”.  This means, if you try to be like someone else, you are literally limiting yourself. You are unique and beautifully created. What is inside you is special. The Bible puts it well, when it says that you are created fearfully and wonderfully.

Now is the time to be authentic. It is time to be the real version of you. It is time to take off the mask.

Be yourself. Be the original version of you. Give the world the gift of yourself and the world will celebrate and applaud you.

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