A 3-step process for conquering Fear

We all have felt it before — the tightness in our chest and the anxiety that comes to surface when we are about to make any sort of life changing decision.

Life is full of risks, and we are afraid of them. We fear risk; we fear failure; we fear scrutiny and public humiliation, so we allow our fears to push us back into hiding and keep us from going for what we really want.

Yet, the truth remains that the only way to freedom is through facing our fears. If we want to live our best life, if we want to acquire our deepest desires, we must fight through fear and develop our courage muscle daily. We can’t allow fear to keep us living a small and safe life.

Since freedom is your birthright, and the only way to freedom is through facing your fears, I want to share with you the 3 steps that I take to move beyond fear and into courage.

1. Recognize all of the different forms that fear comes in.

Fear can surface as an excuse. It can surface as self-doubt or judgment, and for some people it can look like procrastination and realism. There are many ways that fear shows up to try and stop people from taking further action.

So many of us simply believe what fear has told us. We believe the reasons our mind has given us for not moving forward. We fall for the self-doubt and the thoughts telling us that we are not good enough to pursue our desires.

Look for the different ways that fear shows up for you and don’t believe the thoughts that fear tries to produce in your head. Fear is a liar.

2. Know what fear really is.

Fear is not some ugly monster to be afraid of, fear is simply a result of the fact that when you stepped into the human form, you also adopted a personality designed to protect itself.

Fear is your ego. It is your personality trying to maintain its current limits. It doesn’t want to grow. It doesn’t want to change. It doesn’t want to lose its current identity.

When you reach for something higher or better for yourself, fear shows up to protect the old you, and it’ll do whatever it takes to keep you from growing, changing, and stepping into an even higher light.

Don’t let it.

3. Take consistent action.

You cannot think your way out of fear since in many cases fear takes shape in our thoughts.

The only way around fear is through it.

You must feel the fear and take consistent action towards your desires anyway. The fear is not going anywhere soon. It will always be here to protect the old you.

But you can keep going and keep moving towards what you want.

Fear doesn’t have to stop you. It can be your guide towards expansion. Fear can be your simple reminder that you are reaching beyond currently perceived limits, instead of a reason to stop reaching.

You deserve a life of freedom; don’t let fear stop you from creating it.

I’d love to hear from you. What is one small action that you can take today towards your desires even though you are afraid?

Originally published at medium.com