silver lining

Apologies from those who lost their loved ones in this pandemic. It’s a request that kindly try to focus on my thought process instead of bashing me for the words I use. Indeed, the truth is offensive!

The air we breathe, when our lungs lose the strength to breathe that invisible air, we realize how helpless we actually are as a human.

The sense of smell; usually becomes the victim of ignorance. When our olfactory nerve stops working, it’s only then we feel the odorless vibe of life.

Eating tasteless food that is rich in spices in reality, again a sign that even the best pulmonologist can’t help you when it comes to the Divine decree. So why such arrogance and pride when in a blink of an eye, even our close ones begin to avoid us because we have been contaminated by an invisible creature known as the coronavirus.

I’m stating these facts deliberately so that you can find what good did covid-19 brought that changed lives of thousands of people.

Time to Stop Looking and Start Observing

The darkest depth of Challenger Deep, where a fish unknown to humans is taken care of by the only Provider of sustenance, how can I believe that my food & money depend on someone who doesn’t even know how much time he is left with.

When we look at the system of life, we only see the mundane pleasure, not the truth. Let me tell you that

“Death is the only reality of this life.”

The only difference is the perspective through which we look at things. If you stop looking and start observing, you will know how simple life is. Everything of this universe has been commanded to serve us, and we are still running for temporary fame and money.

You can start observing by allowing yourself to seek the truth. In our minds and hearts, there is an innate ability that helps us find the wisdom behind everything we see, hear, speak, and feel. And since it’s due to the spiritual connection, we can’t cut the wire.

People tend to ignore that connection, but when something like covid outbreaks as a reminder, the same people start walking on the right path.

Covid-19 is a painful reminder for those who observe.

Value the Time

I’ve seen people who used to spend a lot of time in meaningless activities (not gonna name the activities because the same people will start providing me the purposes of those activities!).

But once the virus embraced them, the same people start calling God for health and help. Thankfully they have recovered, and now I envy them for being so organized in their personal & professional life.

It’s a matter of time when we accept the fact that we depend on time; time doesn’t depend on us. Even if a disaster occurs, we have to smartly cater to the situation instead of emotionally deciding and making things worse.

Covid-19 came as a reminder that we have very limited time. We can’t waste a minute in futile tasks, let alone days in unnecessary doings. I also saw people who used to boast about their youth and health, but suddenly, I heard that they are merely surviving on a ventilator. That’s how tables are turned without our permission!

Covid-19 is an alarm that was struck to wake us up.

Picture Credits: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Stop Hating. Start Loving

It’s not only about the people, it’s about loving yourself: your health, your skill, your passion, your relationship. There are things that we least bother to consider while spending our lives, but actually, those things sometimes decide our fate. Take health as an example.

People with low immunity suffered drastically in the pandemic. They never looked at their health. They always ignored a healthy diet and devoured unhealthy food. But when it came to fighting the invisible species inside the body, they lost the battle.

Same goes with the relationship. Parent, spouse, sibling, friend, name them, all other human relationships, we need to strengthen the bond before it’s too late. Just because of a few amount of money, or a piece of land, we prefer to be in bad blood with our loved ones instead of dealing with such matters with intellect and wisdom.

Covid-19 made us realize that life is too short to hate people!

Final Thoughts

Just after getting recovered, there are people (quite a minority I must say) who resumed their old habits. That’s the lack of wisdom and the inability to observe despite having eyes to see. If you keep on doing the same, God forbid, covid-19 is not the worse that happened to the world. As long as we are living here, the probability is that there is so much more we shall see in the coming years.