Not very much. In fact, it grows the problem energetically if you aren’t careful.

Of course we need to problem solve, think outside of the box to assure we have in fact tackled all that is within our power.

But in general, you need to break up with worrying. You are magnifying the problem, losing sleep, sharing this energy with everyone around you and internally your body is just not loving it.

Worrying is literally betting against yourself.

The law of attractions foundation is that what we truly believe, what we truly give our focus and attention to is what comes into our reality. If you are worrying about a lack of money, lack of a relationship, lack of health then you are only drawing more of that into you.

All breakups are hard but this one is really important and you need to see it through.

Worrying brings your focus to a lack of something or fear of something. It does not produce any healing results within or externally. A really easy example is when it comes to money. I didn’t grow up with an abundant mindset and I wasn’t surrounded by wealth. I grew up in a hard working family and that hard work mentality is en grained in me. There was always some sort of struggle around money and focus on a lack of in our family.

It’s only in my 30’s where I have really broken up with that mindset that I was raised in and truly realized wealth is each and everyone’s birthright. Including mine.

Abundance is a complete switch in thinking and living. I know in my core I am abundant and opportunities are constantly drawn into me. I choose to see life this way and fully breathe in this mindset each and everyday I am gifted time on this planet.

When you can switch your perspective and focus on what you are grateful for, you will draw more of that into yourself.

Simple, aligned adjustments to your thinking build up to a significant change overtime. It’s not always as easy as flipping a light switch. I didn’t realize this and wake up in a bathtub of money the next morning! But that would be sort of fun for a minute if you let your mind go there. 🙂

The truth is it takes time to really change our thinking from the inside out. The more conscious you become of this, the more you read, the more you listen to audio, the more natural this way of thinking and living will become ingrained in you.

The more you practice staying in a positive, abundant mindset the more you will start to notice how much others around you may be worrying and complaining. You will start to truly feel that energy and the significant difference in how they both feel.

You have the power to simply: choose.

Choose to see the opportunity in every situation. Choose to send loving light to someone who is really struggling to not worry. Choose to pray to a higher power for guidance. Choose to be open to guidance. Choose to be open to stepping outside of the family and the values in which you were raised in.

Breakups are hard, but you got this. I’m right here lifting you up and cheering you on. Paragraph

Walk lightly today and see the opportunities in all the beautiful experiences around you.