As we enter into a new academic year, kiddies ready with shiny new shoes (god willing) we can embrace the change that is upon us. And sometimes change doesn’t seem like growth, or perhaps we haven’t prepared for it to be so, but as the truth is, we are either evolving or devolving. Hence change brings either growth or the opposite of it.There is no stagnation in our existence. So if change isn’t exactly rearing its head as a growth opportunity, then we are falling short of heeding a call for our evolution. Here are ways to see change through the lens of growth.

Growth can mean looking at a same situation with new perspective. Growth means taking inventory of what you have created and making strides in re-creating and expanding into a greater version of same. Growth means evolving into a more accountable, mature, wise creator.

So if a situation is seemingly unending, repeating and relentless in the sameness, remember thats not possible. Its changing, either evolving or devolving your experience. Make it count towards your evolution and recount the many ways your changed perspective has propelled your growth. Do not look back on the same and assume it to be so. Because it is not, it cannot be the same. Change is guaranteed, but growth is a choice. Choose growth and liberate your mind from the heaviness of the fallacy of sameness.

3 ways to empower and motivate yourself toward growth in all areas of your life:

1) Identify things in your life that have most certainly gotten better. Whether its your weight, your relationship, or your financial situation – something in your life right now has improved since last year. What is it!? Bask in it. Encourage and congratulate yourself for this improvement.

2) Look at the biggest ‘problem’ in your life right now. How can you reposition your perspective? What nuggets of goodness can you derive from the challenges that you are facing? What emotional block/mental block/spiritual block is the root cause? Where are you feeling lack – find ways to shift those limits. Affirmations are a great way. ID your source of pain, and break it away with retraining your thinking.

3) Chart the growth you want to see. Visualize the you, grown, and evolved into a better version of you. What do you do when you have experienced the growth you crave? How is your life changed for the better? You cannot become that which you cannot see, and even though many things are experiential, you imagination can bring you to the doorsteps of your future.


Caitlin Hayes is a spiritual development life coach, assisting her clients in rehabilitating her clients to choose peace in their perspectives and become accountable in their lives. Find out more here: . Her books are available here.