We’ve entered unchartered times. There’s no moving back as everything has changed. The question is, are we willing to let go of false safety nets and let them decompose, or will we continue to drag them around with us and let them weigh us down?

When we always reach into our past, our life energy becomes rooted in it. We can choose not to drag our baggage with us everywhere we go, and associate ourselves with what stagnates. Or, we can become aware of the power we have to shift our individual thinking process and build up our immune system. What type of reality do you want to create?

For years, we’ve been sold on safety and to stay within the accepted lane as though the other ones are much worse for us. But recently more of us are becoming aware of our mindset and what boxes we have confined ourselves to believing. The most constricting barriers we may build are not made from material items like steel but are infections of the mind with stories that jail us in an invisible prison of belief. There is always a way out and toward self-awareness and creation.

We are powerful beings, and no box is strong enough to keep us in a tightly structured system that controls and limits us. Only you hold your key to discovering your path and authoring your story. Up until now, this little-known fact has been kept secret to the majority of the population. No one teaches us this truth that we hold “The Key.” Yet, to find this key to unlock our mind and heart, we have to be ready to answer the question, Are we ready to take impeccable care of ourselves and be fully responsible for our well-being?

Many of us are starting to realize that we’ve been oppressed by the systems that humans created from financial to educational to political to legal and societal systems that no longer serve the vast majority of us. Now that we’re all connected to abundant information and people through multiple technologies— fake and not so fake — it’s not that we don’t know who to trust but more that we’re angry and outraged that many of the people and corporations we trusted with our safety are no longer, and may have never been, trustworthy. 

No one really knows what will happen after this lockdown — where will the jobs be? What will our economies look like? Will we be able to socialize outside? Where will our first hug come from? Will we be able to celebrate and mourn, together? What will our world look like?

There are articles written with speculations every minute of every day now but no one knows exactly how it will play out. And if we take away one universal wisdom from the past few months is that everyone is vying for our attention and obedience. And no one knows. Are we will willing to see the illusions and delusions that we created? Will we jump back into consuming unconsciously and be part of someone else’s story?

So many are feeling increasingly fearful and angry at not having the answers and the physical reality we’re facing over a loss of freedom, and a feeling of not knowing what is true and what is a deception. 

The only thing we know for sure during our time on Earth is that one day we will die. How we fill our lives maters. We can choose to fill it with outrage, angry posts online and continued division, pointing fingers and blaming everything and everyone that doesn’t come up to our standards of how the world should be. But what I want you to take a breath to reflect on is that this is the way we’ve been socialized to think and act within these decaying systems. We’ve been taught to protest and sign petitions. We’ve been taught to find solutions to every problem. 

On this earth, at this time, we’ve been separated and divided from each other, ourselves and Nature. Most of us have been taught to win at all costs and fight for our lives. But what are we fighting for, and why are we fighting is a question that many of us have started to examine. Is life really about being better as a winner? And, what is the prize when we have to keep winning and stepping on others to get to the “top” and be the best?

Many of us are currently facing a time of extreme discomfort and it’s necessary for us to become aware of the world we live in and the life we want to genuinely create for ourselves and every living being on this planet. It is a time of mass transformation that makes many people uncomfortable and those who feel called will be stepping up to this deep calling. It means letting go of so much conditioning and limiting beliefs on how our lives should be lived. And at this time, it’s not for everyone, just like my upcoming books are created for those who’re ready, and will most likely be minimized by those of us who want to remain in the current story and paradigm.

Human beings evolve; we learn, we grow, and we transform, and it’s the same with plants and animals. Even though we associate with family, friends, groups, organizations and countries, we may have learned to feel discomfort with changes to our everyday life and to fear uncertainty. Change becomes something to fear as the sense of our personal control lessens.

When fear becomes widespread, we create a sense of losing personal power that often makes us feel helpless. It’s important that we become aware of this and not let this happen, as this is an opportunity for renewal, change, and creation. When do you spend time reflecting? Can you observe the values you live by and become clear on your intentions? How can you shift to a healthy connection to yourself, others, and all who exist on our planet?

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” This observation, made by Albert Einstein, directly addresses the shifts we’re being called to make in our lives. Are we trying to solve, from fear, a situation brought about by decades of decisions made out of panic and bypassing our individual need to truly transform ourselves to healthy living?

Isn’t it possible that when we begin to take impeccable care of ourselves, we would be more mindful of the choices we’re making — be it the way what we consume impacts our environment, society or other external forces. As children, we were rewarded and recognized for solving problems quickly and according to society’s expectations. As we matured and entered the workforce, we learned to be rewarded for our society’s pattern of recognizing quick solutions.

We learned that when we experienced emotional or physical pain, there was a pill or drug to lessen and often relieve the pain quickly. Short-term solutions were the path we were sold on, when there was another path available to us; discovering why our head hurt or circumstances got us down.

The choices we’ve made about what we purchase, and our lack of awareness of whether something is healthy or toxic for us, have contributed to the growing toxicity in the natural world. Many of us have simply accepted this as a way of life, thinking that recycling is a way to do good for the environment without examining all of our habits and how they impact the physical world. And toxicity is not only physical. It is beneficial to understand mental and emotional toxicities.

When we take actions toward short-term solutions, we don’t resolve the bigger foundational issues causing the problems. We merely create situations where these problems appear as different types of toxicity in the world.

Quick solutions cause us increasing pain because we mostly ignore the root cause of why we’re suffering. When we make decisions or changes out of panic or ungrounded fear, we crave instant solutions. Taking care of ourselves is the greatest thing we can do right now to keep our immune systems healthy and vibrant, as well as questioning everything and learning how to trust ourselves in harmony, not fear and panic.

We are the actual architects of our lives when we choose a lane and navigate it with all our senses; we can choose a healthy lane or we can simply follow someone else’s path filled with fearful demons and shadows.

Can we take this incredible opportunity we’ve been gifted to understand our need to step up our lives by stepping out of the division, anger and outrage that chains us to the past in prisons with no bars?

What would you do if you had a fresh start? Of course, we each have responsibilities and obligations but when we invest our energy in recognizing we’re powerful creators, we would not be told how we’re supposed to live. We would be able to openly question and create together rather than get into endless disagreements and rage about who is right and who is wrong.

Ask yourself, as Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fueller did, am I looking at problems and trying to solve them by following the same rules set by the people who created the problem in the first place? And am I buying into their proposed solution when I realize the solution mostly serves their agendas, and intentions? 

What happens after we are set free from this lockdown is not up to anyone else, it rests in our hands in how we choose our path. We can debate what’s a conspiracy and what is real. But does that matter as much as regaining our god given power and living a remarkably healthy life for ourselves, each other and with a deep respect of our natural world that feeds and sustains us?

Please reflect on where you’re at and have a long conversation with yourself. Are you keeping the decaying systems on life support by continuing to feed the powers to be, or are you stepping out in small ways to reclaim your power and freedom? 

The way this story unfolds is up to us when we free our souls, take a deep breath and start seeing opportunities and possibilities in the unknown. Leadership is not outside ourselves … I believe it’s time to put down the manual of success and trek into the unknown as we’ve already seen how this current story plays out in real life and the sequels. There’s always another way …it takes courage to understand that sometimes being safe is risky.

A personal note: After much deep reflection, I came to terms that I came to this planet to provide medicine for the soul through articles, books and conversations. I look forward to learning about your gifts and how you play on this beautiful planet of ours with curiosity, courage and a passion to create a healthy life and healthy systems for every living being on this planet. We were born to color with a vivid imagination and live like never before in unity, not conformity.