So what happens after you decide to follow your heart and your happiness, instead of safety and security? Well I haven’t arrived at my destination yet but I can report on my journey thus far.

I can report that I am happier. That my temperament is much better, that I am more patient and more self aware. That my creativity is flowing and ideas come often to say hello. I can tell you that I am extremely grateful for my time being my own and the bond with my daughter is even stronger. I am now certain of which of the people I come in contact with are sharing negative or positive vibes and I can disengage if need be. Stressful situations don’t get the best of me, I can see things for what they are and not think bad things are only happening to me or no one likes me. It’s amazing really, and I like this me much better than the tired, grumpy, high strung, stressed out, anxious me. I think everyone does. I feel fully myself and at peace.

That’s not to say that there aren’t moments of doubt or that I don’t get scared. I do almost daily but when I do I refocus and try to do something that will help me get closer to my dream. I meditate or write or visualize my goal. Where I am on this road is still close to the fork in the road and sometimes the temptation to go back and get back on the safe, secure, well lit, paved road is strong. It’s a road that provides financial security and material things but also provides an unhappy half life that I had grown to abhor.

The thing is, I had been in this same position before about 19 months ago and I had turned around and went down the safe road. I know from experience that I’ll never be happy there. I know that it will be a slow death for me. I can’t lie though, I am scared because I don’t know where this road leads, it’s not well lit, it’s overgrown and it’s lonely here. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing how at peace I feel inside now compared to the anxiety and sadness I felt before. This has to be an indication, like a compass, to the direction I should take and continue to take.

This path also builds and strengthens tools you’ll need for a fulfilling life. Tools like your intuition, conquering fear, building faith, developing grace, gratitude, humility, appreciating kindness, discerning who and what is good for your spirit; the list goes on and on.

I wish I had already cleared the path and I could show you proof positive that my hypothesis is correct. The hypothesis that the path less traveled, the that path follows your bliss will lead to long term happiness and fulfillment. But I can’t at this point of the journey, I can only share with you the discoveries I make as I go;  I most ardently hope sharing as I go enlightens or comforts anyone else on the same journey to happiness and their best life.