One of my lovely clients was already a six-figure business owner before we began working together. Her business was fabulous. She loved what she did. She loved bringing in bank doing exactly what she loved, when she felt inspired.

So why did she hire me?

She became a mom AND realized…

110% energy to motherhood AND 110% energy to business = 220% exhaustion.

She knew I coach my clients to have a High Profit/Time Spent business working around 15 hours/week. 

The first thing we did was take the tremendous pressure she was placing on herself to exert 110% into both her jobs (mom and business owner). This alone made her quality of life so much more joyful. I could see the huge proverbial weight lift off her shoulder, when this pressure was released.

Then we got clear on her five-year vision for her business that allows her to be MOM FIRST! (This is what she truly wants. We all know that kids grow up so fast.)

We broke this down further and are now solely focusing on 2020. I LOVE that she’s now able to bring up business ideas that she wants to do in the future, but they don’t have to be right now or even this year. (Thinking long-term and having patience is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.)

Finally, we pared down her business to her most revenue generating activity that she LOVES.

The change in her is immense! 


*Took the pressure off!

*Got her on a schedule that fills both her mom and business bucket.
*Set her up for a 3 day (3-4 hours per day) workweek doing ONLY what brings in the most money, lights her up, and makes her feel like her.
*Made a plan that brought in $20,000 in revenue last month.

Bottom Line:

Focus on your greatest revenue sources, and lean way the f*** in on that.

(And YES, you can build a profitable business while… working 15 hours/week, being Mom first, and feeling purposeful in your work.)