There’re things in life that you have no control of and changing that is not an option. Not accomplishing that goal may feel like a failure but really, it’s not. Last year I set up a goal to become UK Asics Frontrunner, tens of thousands of applications, only handful of places, mine was strong (my opinion of course !!) but I wasn’t chosen. Was that a failure? I thought so. But really, what influence did I have to make it? None. I could have cried, asking why this is happening to me or being pissed off, blaming the world for not being fair. But I have chosen to believe that it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t define me as a person. It was a dream really, rather than a goal.

So, set up goals that you can have an impact on.


Thinking big, going outside your comfort zone – yes, I’m all about that. But setting up A LOT of massive goals without taking into account your current lifestyle is setting yourself up for a failure. I’m very well organised, can cope with multiple projects at the same time, however for 2018 I put A LOT of big things on my plate. It was physically impossible to accomplish them all alongside family, full time job, building a business, going through intense coaching program, training, travels and more. There are only 24 hours in a day. Maximizing your time is important however there’s a limit of what you can and can’t do. Feeling like a hamster in the wheel, being busy versus being productive, burn out, sickness…that’s what follows.

So, when setting up a goal, think about how much time and effort your goal will require from you. Be honest. Make sure it fits into your current lifestyle and that’s doable without compromising your health and time with your loved ones.


Laser focus on what you REALLY WANT and doing something towards that goal will bring results. By looking at 10 different directions, constantly being distracted, there’s no way to succeed. The Universe doesn’t really know what you want and is confused on how to help you. Focus, discipline and determination will take you where you want to go. Get in line and stay in line – as Keith Cunningham – amazing business mentor – is saying. Oftentimes it won’t be easy, it won’t be smooth but if you want to succeed in one area you need to stay in the same line till the end. When you jump into a different line, you will be at the end of the queue again.

So, when setting up a goal, make sure you focus on it 100%.


We think that we know what’s best for us all the time, we make plans, set up goals and decide on the exact steps on how to reach them. However, we never see a full picture, we don’t know what can happen just around the corner, that Universe may have a different plan for us. Oftentimes things don’t go the way we want them to, we get frustrated but after all it turns out it was all for the better. Also, there’s not just one way to get where you want to go. I wanted to give birth to our second child, didn’t sign up for any marathons as I was supposed to be pregnant. Well, I wasn’t…months of trying and nothing, becoming a mummy didn’t quite happen for me overnight during the first pregnancy too (this is actually a subject for another post). But if I was pregnant, we would not be able to go to Brazil (especially with the stories about Zika virus that I had no idea about…) and experience so many amazing adventures and connect with so many wonderful people. The Universe knew better, the moment we got that invite for the wedding of our friends in Brazil at the beginning of the year. And it was meant to be.

So, set up a goal, send the intention to the Universe, work towards that goal but don’t push it too much. Trust the process, allow the Universe to help you.


I asked myself why do I think I haven’t achieved some of my goals for 2018? The answer was obvious – I didn’t do much to accomplish them. If I was putting some effort every single day, I would make them happen. Plain and simple. So, the second question was why I set up goals that I was not committed to? Hmmm, these goals were not so important, were not live or die for me. Not reaching them was not a big deal. Really.

So, think about what you truly WANT, not what looks great on the vision board. And commit to it. When you’re committed you cut out all the other options but making that happen, it’s non-negotiable.

I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason, even if it’s stressful and nasty at times, it’s for a reason. Looking at 2019 and setting up my goals for this year I keep these lessons in my heart. I’m going to make better choices, smarter goals, making sure that 2019 will be the best of my life.

How about you? Are you going to make 2019 the best year of your life? Please do. You only have one life, you truly deserve to have the best one.


  • Alex Grzybek

    Confidence & Life Coach, Podcaster

    I’m Alex, Confidence & Life Coach, Host of Confidence Rockstar Podcast. Before my baby boy turned 7 months, I completed my 1st ever marathon and tough mudder, training alongside breastfeeding and enduring sleepless nights. Later, within few months I've been through unfair dismissal, unfulfilling job that knocked down my confidence completely, traumatic miscarriage, and health diagnosis that made me walk with crutches for months..., to name a few. I went from hitting rock bottom in terms of my confidence level to moving to Spain, which is a dream come true, starting a new business, doubling my income in 3rd month of the business, and creating a lifestyle that I can work from anywhere in the world.   I help women improve their confidence and belief in themselves, so they take action on behalf of their dreams. Grab my FREE 5 Day Email Course: Confidence Rockstar here: