Crook, Crook, CRACK goes my back

I twist, I turn, hoping for something different

Please. Please. Just stop.

You know. you    know…

I am. I am not who you think I am.

Your words. Those words. The words. 

They work every time. 

No! Not this time. 

I see. I see me for the first time. 

That belongs to me. I’m not him. That belongs TO  ME.

oh how the mighty have f  a  l  l  e  n…….

Was that me? Was that always me? 

It never was. It never was me. 

Did you know me? Did you ever know me? 

oh how the mighty have f  a  l  l  e  n…

I lift. I rise. I open my eyes.

I see possibility. I feel my promise.

I promised myself to be the best that I can be.

B  E…

Was this what you waited for?



  • Birungi Ives

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