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Life is a series of paradoxes…. Without contrast, we can’t truly experience anything — so be grateful. It’s always working out to our benefit in some way.

With that said, life is also a continual evolution. The only thing that remains constant in life is change; welcome it. Be open to being flexible with the changing tides, while still moving in the direction of your heart. That cliché’ that life is a ‘journey’ — holds true. So treat it like you’d treat a road trip. You want to enjoy all of the sights along the way — not merely your destination goal.

Life is happening right NOW… (Not ‘some day’.)

Everything in life is a choice. We always have a choice. If we don’t have a choice about our immediate circumstances, we still get to choose how we react & respond to the situation, and our next mode of action.

You always have a right to change your mind. If you follow your heart, it will always lead you well. That means you need to believe in yourself, but also learn how to listen to your heart. Your mind often gets in the way. The trick is to feel into it. How does your body feel when you think about a potential choice? That is where you want to place your emphasis…. Less analyzing, more feeling. {And also — less second-guessing!}

Remain open-minded & open-hearted, but also stand strong in what you know to be your personal truths. These can evolve along with you (see note above about changing one’s mind.) You can know what path is right for YOU, without disrespecting the paths of others, or allowing anyone to trample on your path.

Self-love and self-respect are not selfish. They are acts of honoring your place in the world, the God/ Source who created you, and your own inner wisdom. They are necessary. You cannot be of service to another if you cannot honor and believe in yourself.

Take time for play. Treat your body with care. Eat Real Food. Be Active. Spiritual and Physical health both matter.

Mistakes are part of learning & growth. If you can avoid harping on yourself about them, and instead view them as learning avenues, you’ll enjoy life that much more. Treat mistakes like detours on the road trip of life, helping you determine which route to take next. Have a little fun with ‘being lost’ — knowing you’ll find your way again…. Or a new and different way. You always get to course-correct as you go — depending on what holds value for you.

Everyone experiences fear. If you can tune into your inner-most self and transmute the fear into Love, you’ll have done the one and only job truly necessary for you to obtain and promote happiness. The paradox: We have to feel what we feel, and move through the feelings. We can’t ignore them. Even hurtful feelings are there to guide us — if we allow them to. That means we have to acknowledge them and figure out which direction they are trying to point us in. Discounting any of our emotions is discounting an aspect of who we are as a soul and as a human being. Don’t let society fool you into believing that the ‘negative’ emotions are signs of weakness. There’s a difference between wallowing in a fearful place, and making the most of our emotions. Actually — dealing with them properly, and learning from them — is a serious sign of strength and self-awareness.

Speaking of society — it’s filled with deception and lies. Don’t buy into what ‘everyone else’ thinks, believes, feels ‘should’ be done or not done, or what they assume to be true about you. Only you (and your Source) can ever truly know your heart. Live according to your own values — and allow others to live according to theirs.

Speaking of love & lies…. There are all kinds of twisted versions of love of out there. Misconceptions, confusion, and fear-based tactics often fall under the guise of love. Be sure to proport PURE LOVE.

Have compassion, and avoid jumping to conclusions. When we view others around us through this lens at all times, remembering that we are all sharing in the human experience, and finding our way as we go — doing the best we can with what we know — we can more easily be steeped in that pure Love mentioned above.

Laugh at yourself & laugh at life!

Forgive. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Forgive the PERSON — even if you’re not ready to fully forgive the actual act. This allows us to break free of the pain of clinging to hurtful emotions that pull us away from who we truly are at our core. And remember — you can forgive and love someone, without needing to be in their presence to ‘prove’ it. Healthy boundaries are a must when others aren’t willing to reciprocate pure Love, compassion, or basic respect. Remember, forgiveness and trust are 2 different things…

In light of trust — while we cannot always fully trust others, we can and should trust the Universe (God, Source, the Angels, Allah, Buddha, etc, etc.) — and ourselves. When it comes to moving past fear — Trust with Wild Abandon!

Never dim your light to try to help another feel more comfortable. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. You cannot shine light and love onto the world by dimming your flame. You don’t help another heal by becoming ill. Martyrdom is just another great lie. You can be supportive without shrinking. That’s the ultimate support.

Another great lie? That we have to be constantly ‘busy’ doing, going, pushing, striving — in order to be of value to ‘society’. One word: bullshit. Taking time to simply BE, without distraction or without worry creeping in, just enjoying being alive — is the best way to tap into our greatest potential and become inspired! It’s pretty damn magical…

Letting go is imperative to obtainment. (One of the greatest paradoxes in life.) Follow your desires, but remain flexible in the outcome, and open to miraculous surprises!

Always call on gratitude to elevate your spirit, your joy, and your impact. We can dig up small bits of gratitude no matter what the situation. In doing so — we enable the natural flow of pure positive energy.

Success is measured only by happiness. Your joy is going to be reflected back at you — and out into the world — and that alone will make a difference in your life and the lives of others. That is true success.

In summary:
Be authentic. Be a brightly shining light. Be (PURE) Love. Be joy. Simply Be.
Be-lieve in possibility. Be compassionate. Be-lieve in yourself — assured in your unique role and the gifts you have to share. Be flexible, yet strong — like love. Be open, yet confident in your truth. Be REAL. Be YOU — because you’re the one and only ‘you’ alive on the planet, and you have significance and value to offer, or you wouldn’t be here. Ask yourself regularly — am I surviving, or am I thriving? Do the things that help you to thrive! Life is meant to be lived, and enjoyed. As the Collective Consciousness known as Abraham Hicks has stated, “The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.”

So what better ongoing goal can we facilitate in life for ourselves and others, than to be the light, and spread that life-changing JOY?!

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