My enthusiasm for riding bikes is unmatched.

It`s always fun to cycle but not until your brakes fail or a tire bursts.

What I`m I trying to say?

Cycling is an awesome activity, but it also comes with its own set of challenges and downsides.

For the period that I been actively cycling, I have experienced both of the good and murky sides of cycling.

I will share what I have learned after owning a road bike for 3 years.

Road Bikes are Best for Fitness

Of all the classes of bikes, road bikes are famous for speed, which is always awesome for my cardio boost and other benefits. And because my road bike has a lighter frame, it allows me to propel it forward a lot faster, hence getting a better and more inclusive workout.

Again, with the road bike having a far taller gearing system, it has no option other than digging in on steeper pitches.

Finally, road bikes are designed to be lightweight. With a lightweight bike, I can now cycle for longer distances with more endurance, consequently allowing for better cardio and full-body workout, especially on the calves and thigs.

To summarize, a road bike is versatile enough to allow you to tune its engine according to your needs and offers a brilliant way to add more power.

Anytime is Ideal to Get into Road Biking

Road biking is synonymous with conservatism.

While the materials, and technology is always a welcome, provided it drops on weight and improves the cycling efficiency, everything else seems to stay the same.

 While not every change is necessarily progress, but a new openness to it can be a positive. 

The situation is now changing compared to what we had three years back. Cyclers are now negating the conventional wisdom of buying road bikes during summer: now anytime makes the perfect road bike purchase.

Group Rides

group cycling

Nothing beats the idea of cycling as a group. Whether club bikes, pick-up rides or shop-hosted rides, group rides have now become a good part of me.

Initially, groups rides, especially those with group leaders were instrumental in developing my cycling skills.

Now that I consider myself an experienced cycler, group rides are more than for gaining skills but enjoyment, workouts, and exploring new places.

Know How to Adjust your Road Bike

One common mistake with beginners is the failure to adjust the road bike accordingly, and I`m guilty of this.

Failure to make the necessary adjustments on your bike is not only going to cause discomfort but may put you at risk of developing injuries.

For instance, when I began cycling, I often neglected to adjust my seat causing me to over-extend during my pedal stroke.

And as you would have guessed it`s was not long before I began experiencing excruciating pain on my groin.

Therefore, whether you`re a new entrant or experienced cycler, it`s always important that you adjust your road bicycle components accordingly.

Road Bike Maintenance

bike maintenance kit

I`m not a pro wrench, but I have learned the hard way on the importance of bicycle maintenance.

From cleaning, greasing to lubing, simple bike maintenance can have a significant impact on the performance as well as longevity of your road bike.

So far, my experience with road bikes has been a fulfilling one, and I cannot imagine staying without a road bike by my side.