I’m officially a trapeze artist.

Well, in my mind at least.

Let me start from the beginning……

This was a few months back when I touched based with a girlfriend to get together and catch up over a glass of wine. In our planning, she asked if I was free over the weekend to join her and some girlfriends on a ‘play’ outing. These amazing girls have organized a monthly meet-up to get out and explore something new and get outside their comfort zones together. Of course I loved this group already because this is exactly what I mean when I say living with intention:

DO what brings you JOY, challenge yourself and find ways to CONNECT on a real level.

Sunday morning I climbed in the car with my new friends and we started our adventure. We arrived at West Coast Trapeze to the super friendly staff who set us up and explained how everything was going to work in three simple steps:

1. Jump from a very high platform

2. Somehow maneuver ourselves upside down

3. After a few practice swings, trust this man we’ve just met to catch us while swinging from the other side.

Easy right? Wait, we have to do what? (GULP)

The first jump, climbing the ladder to the platform my mind was racing:

What if I FALL?

What if I can’t DO this?

What will these girls THINK of me if I don’t do it RIGHT?

Stepping up to the edge, looking down I realized I had a choice:

I could let the fear take over and not fully experience this moment, or I could acknowledge how I’m feeling and jump anyways. I let go and made the jump.

You know what?

No one was judging me – in fact we were all feeling the same way.

I learned like anything, the first step is usually the hardest. And it really doesn’t matter what it is; choosing to eat better, challenging your body with something new physically, a career change, or a travelling the world.

The more you practice, the faster those difficult things seem to suddenly become easy, challenge is always an opportunity to grow, and you’re always stronger than what your inner critic is telling you.

I’m so glad I was open to this experience and to meeting new friends. Being vulnerable about how you’re feeling isn’t a sign of weakness. I’ll tell you right now, you’re never alone in what’s going on in your head. We’re all going through the same stuff. Being brave and putting yourself out there allows us space to connect on a deeper level.

I don’t think I’ll be making a career as a circus performer tomorrow, but I did learn a lot more about myself. Next up, lion taming! Then again, maybe not.

Are you ready to take a LEAP?

What’s something that you’re scared of DOING?

I challenge you to get out there and be like Nike, JUST DO IT!

I’m all about accountability so if you need someone to hold you to that big scary thing you’re going to get out there and do or if you just want to celebrate facing your fear head on and say out loud, ‘I faced my FEAR and it FEELS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!’