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The passage through motherhood is sweet yet highly challenging. Most women struggles in some way during pregnancy. As a pregnant woman you may already have started googling on how to get a good night’s sleep or trying to find remedies for your morning sickness. Maybe you have just experienced pregnancy anxiety just like me and digging for solutions. If that is the case, I am here to share my journey to help you ease your pregnancy anxiety.

The time I was showing pregnancy symptoms, I felt worried. I was suddenly surrounded by anxiety and the fear of becoming a mother. I kept thinking about those annoying questions: What if I’m not enough for my baby? What if my she doesn’t like me? What if I’m not a good mom?
The truth was, I felt I wasn’t ready to be a mom. I was somehow unprepared and unqualified as I didn’t know what to do to calm a crying baby. I had never changed nappies in my life! Even I hadn’t ever hold a newborn. All of those thoughts were wandering on my mind and making me feel stressful.
I talked to my friends and read a lot of books. One day I saw a simple sentence in a book and that sentence really changed my point of view. “Rest easy, real mothers. The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already are one.” How true that was. Nobody is born with the experience or the skills needed to become a mom. Caring for another human life may seem scary at times yet the feeling of worrying for your little one proves that you’re already a good mom. I knew deep inside I would be a great mother as I would love and care for my baby with all my heart.
During my pregnancy, I’ve understood that my worrying wasn’t unique to me. Anxiety in pregnancy is very common. A lot of women have their own struggles with uncertainty during pregnancy. You are certainly not alone.

What really helped me take a break from anxious thoughts were some simple daily activities such as:
•    Meditation
•    Yoga
•    Coloring books for adults
•    Crossword puzzles
•    Cooking from a recipe
•    Painting
•    Talking to a friend
•    Gardening
•    Sudoku

If you can’t stop thinking about your worries you should definitely give them a try. Just know you are not alone. When you hold your little baby in your hands for the first time and gaze at those tiny toes, the sweet button nose, all your worries will fly away. You will forget everything and the journey of motherhood will start.