If this is your focus, you will miss the point. I trust whomever is suppose to get the message will read it. All the others will just miss out.

Unexpectadly I’ve learned some really important things from Trump and find myself telling many people. And they are always a bit shocked and surprised but they often encourage me to write about it, so here it is. I do believe there are some great pearls of wisdom here in these interesting times.

I’ve been learning alot about narcissists these days, not sure why but I’m deducting that some aspects of their behaviour can be valuable. So I’ve been listening & learning, now sharing….

The first Trump lesson: PIVOT

Set out with clear intentions what you want. Dah! There’s more… If you don’t get what you’ve asked for, don’t waste time evaluating what you could have done different or feel bad about it. Keep your energy and focus moving forward. For example, if Trump asked the Universe for a clear tall glass and it didn’t show up, he wouldn’t sit and go into his heart center and ponder what the lesson was or what he could have done differntly. He accepts & trusts that the clear white glass wasn’t meant to be in that moment. Then he sets a new intention like a blue glass. If the blue glass doesn’t show up he doesn’t worry about ‘why’, he moves forward and possibly goes bolder to say thank you, I wasn’t suppose to get the blue glass. It’s the green glass with diamonds around the rim that I actually desire. And then it shows up. Why? Because he didn’t doubt himself. He NEVER doubts himself.

Can you imagine how powerful all the light workers would be if they set clear intentions (which many do) but then followed it with the confidence and vigor that Trump does that it WILL appear? And at the same time allow for the flexibility to pivot to something bolder and BELIEVE and KNOW that was actually what was suppose to manifest instead of what was originally imagined?

The concious person can be too fixated on the ‘what did I do or not do that took me off course’? Including thoughts like ‘how am I impacting others’, worrying about hurting others in the process. The point is that if you really are concious and clear — you can’t make a mistake. You will never come from ill intentions and your alignments will remain nothing more than miraculous and for the good of all. It’s that simple, there isn’t anything more to review. Many still have work that needs to be done to get clear and conscious but that’s another blog topic. We’re talking high vibe people here and chances are that’s YOU if you’re reading this or you’re on your way to being one of today’s concious light workers.

We can evaluate why we didn’t get the first clear glass we asked for but we won’t move the energy forward. Questions like this do not serve our higher selfs ability to obtain alignment: ‘I must not have had my heart in it’, ‘Maybe I didn’t repeat it enough times or didn’t get the emotion right’ or ‘said the wrong words’. (If you could HEAR me say this you’d know that I am mocking myself for all the self inflicted torture I’ve done to make sure that I GOT THE LESSON — yuck!) It makes things sticky and cumbersome if we work towards ‘got the lesson’ when the Universe is just asking us to move forward. Silly actually because its viewed as such a good thing to beat ourselves up. Of course if you are not concious then you may need to do some review but I’m speaking to the light workers who have been committed to doing the work and now need to move the process forward. The learning here is simple –if the clear glass didn’t show up — it wasnt for my higher good and what is, will show up if I keep my eyes open.

Second Lesson: MOMENTUM

The loss of momentum is what happens when you fall off the train and it will always hurt. So push through your fears and keep going, stay on the train and maybe switch cars but don’t jump off. I found myself frustrated with my own process when I’d get the momentum going and then self sabatouge it because I was evaluating its success. Looking for what went wrong so I could change it instead of trusting the process that the kinks would work out. Or if necessary dissolve and transform into something else.

Every time I went into evaluating the outcomes of my expectations, it put me in a place of dispair and disappointment. Mostly of myself. After hearing several of Trumps stories of himself and others moving through and keeping the momentum going, I’m inspired more than ever to do the same. He tells the story of the man who spent his life developing 3up, 4up, 5up, 6up, then gave up only to have someone else successfully launch 7up!

Again, as a light worker, we know the difference between a snow plow and a snow blower. We’re not shoving or pushing anything but picking things up, throwing them out to the Universe and letting the pieces blow in the direction they are meant to go. Our intention is different than Trump and that’s what makes the difference. He is in this role to demonstrate some key aspects of how the Universe works. Even Abraham (Esther) Hicks will tell you he is spot on with the laws of the Univerese when it comes to manifesting. The faster we move into ‘what can I learn?’ instead of condeming our friends and family for which camp there are in, the faster we can be pollinating the planet with love instead of polluting it.

People are getting WAY to CAUGHT up in the dark aspects and intentions behind Trump and MISSING the MOST IMPORTANT attributes he is here to teach us. I find it frustrating to listen to people who want to judge and stay in the pitty party of “I can’t believe Trump is president”. It’s sad. Let’s leverage the learnings and move forward.

One of his main points in success is “You have to love what you do”. I don’t doubt that when he stops loving what he does in the White House, he’ll devise an exit strategy. Let’s see if he makes it 3 more years.

Keeping our eyes open and focusing on what the important learnings are without dwelling on them, will keep us moving forward. It’s the only way to truly live.

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