The memories of being in Bosnia after the was have always stayed with me. As a healer I volunteered to go to Bosnia with a charity called Helping Hands to give healing and treatment to those who experienced unspeakable horrors throughout the 4 year war.

Although Sarajevo is beautiful, it was like the whole place was holding their breath. There was no sound on the streets, people walked around as if they were waiting for the next thing to happen. They were all in shock.

New children being born into the country were mostly the result of rape and the whole place were in mourning for what they had lost and experienced both individually and collectively. Everywhere you went there were reminders of the shocking atrocities that took place.

I regularly passed places with bullet holes in the walls and the remains of blood which stood as a reminder of the snipers hiding in the hills and shooting at the people in the streets.

As I met and treated individuals, hearing their heartbreaking stories I knew that I would never be the same. My problems and troubles seemed trivial in comparison to what they had experienced and it helped me to put my life in perspective.

I made a mental note to remember the suffering and hard times they had all been through when I’m upset or stressed over something. It has helped me to count my blessings, find gratitude and resilience in challenging times.

I know that our troubles and challenges are also important in some way but they are not usually life threatening. Anytime I’m struggling I become mindful or the situation, put it in perspective and approach it from a more balanced place. It has really helped me appreciate what I do have and to feel gratitude for my life.