Growing up, many of us dreamed of becoming a leader with a passionate commitment to a particular cause. The romanticism of being a leader, deciding the direction of our own lives and our businesses, and being able to be the main decision maker in a business are all incredibly appealing to young minds. It seems like the perfect job! Perhaps over time that vision evolves, but nonetheless, you hang onto that same desire. At the same time, we’ve all heard the complaints about long hours, hard work, and instability that can come with going after that corner office role. There’s plenty of commentary out there that covers all the negatives that come with being a CEO. Yet despite some truth in all of this, my perspective is that the good outweighs the bad when it comes to occupying the top spot at a company like U.S. Money Reserve.

First, holding the “corner office” means that I have the freedom to support causes I love. At U.S. Money Reserve, we do much to support veterans, including participating in special events and donating revenue to veteran support groups. Most recently, we partnered with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to honor three of the remaining five survivors of the USS Arizona with commemorative 5-oz. Pearl Harbor Coins. Beyond that special event in July, a portion of the proceeds from every Pearl Harbor coin we sell goes directly to helping raise a Lone Sailor statue at Pearl Harbor. Personally, I cherish the opportunity that I have had as the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve to honor the veterans who sacrificed the most on that infamous day.

We also donate to several nonprofit organizations all across the country, including Meals on Wheels, Ronald McDonald House, the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and the American Red Cross. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, for the month of September, we decided to work with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to donate over two hundred thousand dollars to help the victims of the disaster get back on their feet.

In addition to donating to great causes, as CEO, I also get to practice what I preach and impact the company in very personal ways. I am a big believer in supporting employees and their families. At U.S. Money Reserve I make it a policy to always treat my employees like family. We celebrate the wins together and support each other through the losses. As I have written before, to create a successful corporate culture, it’s crucial to treat your employees like family. I have lived and breathed the U.S. Money Reserve culture for the last 13 years and have been CEO since 2015. This central belief of treating employees like family has become part of the company. In my mind, it’s absolutely crucial to support your employees and treat them the same way you would treat members of your own family. I am continually impressed with, and proud of, the great work that our employees at U.S. Money Reserve do. I want to see them continue to succeed and help where I can to make that path clear.

Finally, one of my favorite things about being CEO of U.S. Money Reserve is the fact that our business, at the core, helps customers and their families protect their wealth. When you’ve worked your entire life to create a financial bedrock for your family and yourself, you don’t want it disappearing in the blink of an eye. To secure that financial future, you need to take specific steps to diversify properly. While it sounds daunting, finding the right asset mix can be relatively simple. Essentially, you need to balance your assets with a well-rounded portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate, and precious metals to ensure that you get the best long-term return for your money. By making smart financial choices, you can make your future financial state much more stable. Our business is to help you diversify with physical precious metals in order to help protect your family and your wealth from the world’s uncertainties. Knowing that I’m helping families all over the country sleep better at night motivates me to work even harder in my role at U.S. Money Reserve.

Being a CEO can be tough work, but from where I sit, it’s overwhelmingly rewarding because I get to wake up each day and help my employees and my customers live better, more financially secure lives.


  • Angela Roberts


    U.S. Money Reserve

    Angela Roberts (fka Angela Koch) is the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. Known as America's Gold Authority, Angela oversees every aspect of operation, while setting culture and pace for the entire organization. With a proven background in business planning, strategy, mergers, acquisitions, and operations, Angela has an in-depth understanding of how to run a successful business and is credited with creating the analytic and KPI structure at U.S. Money Reserve. Believing strongly that the people make the business, Angela has positioned U.S. Money Reserve to be a trusted precious metal leader that always puts their customers and employees first. Learn more in her latest interview with Forbes here,