Negative self-talk, inner-dialogue, doubts, insecurities – we all have these inner-voices who whisper to us just when we’re close to doing (and feeling) something really great – likey something new! In coaching we’re trained to think of this commentary as coming from a Sabateur. Like an internal character we need to recognise is actually trying to keep us safe. It would have sprung to life originally to keep us from danger, from taking risks, from a bitter relationship blow or similar – catastrophes. But then it moved in, along with its whispering at all the wrong moments. And awakens to be our harshest critic, giving outdated advice whenever we get close to making change happen. Regardless of whether that change gets us a result we’ve been striving for, is important, that we need to be happy. So expect this old frenemy. Name it. Hello Old Friend, Fear Of Failure! (Or Fear Of Success? Or Urmintrude! Or Bob!) Been expecting you! But now we’re through. Then take action anyway. Because you’ve tested your commitment to this choice … and won.

Helen Hanison, Executive Coach, Brighton, UK  


  • Helen Hanison

    I'm a leadership coach helping seasoned professionals who are at a crossroads, with a growing need to redesign their career but feeling blocked. And worried about that. Together we make a plan realigning work they love with what matters most so they can finally make aligned, confident transformation instead.

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    My story could be called 'from career to motherhood and back again'! With a 20 year 'tour of duty' in the worlds' largest PR firms, I came to a career crossroads after I transitioned from woman to mother. I got lost for some years and having moved country (and back again), and tried a bunch of different ideas both sides of The Pond, I went back to University for a second time - to do psychology. My efforts were well rewarded with first-class honours, an energy ‘reset’ and clarity about the fresh career ladder I wanted so badly. I had found Leadership Coaching and subsequently completed a (rigorous!) programme of training with the world’s largest coach training institute – CTi and have since become a narrative therapist too. Now I love that my commercial edges and marketing savvy work alongside my brand of positive psychology coaching, and know the integration is a powerful one for my clients. I passionately believe we only get to feel as alive and aligned as I do today, if we shape work we love around what matters most and that has synergy with the life we want to be living. In some ways my story represents the hard way to figure what work-life synergy looks like. And that's what I help others with now. If you feel stuck and wish you knew how to make a plan to change that, I'm happy to offer a complimentary clarity conversation. Just email me - [email protected] - and we'll organise that.