Everything I want is on the other side of fear

My worst nightmare was confirmed tonight thus catapulting me here
I will be brave drawing from all the inner strength I crave
To love myself fiercely and hold myself dearly
Letting grief roll in and allowing the hurt to all go
It will be a process that will move very slow
But I will move through it this I know
Embracing the waves and feeling the pain
Taking in a big inhale, enough to sustain
Until I can exhale again one day
This emptiness, how heavy it weighs
Deep in it, I’ll move, fully alive
Trusting I will survive
And come out the other side
Of this grief pool I’m about to deep dive
On the other side of fear, I will carry through
This too shall pass is not how I live
It’s this too I will carry with me
Emerging bright
Being seen, illuminating light
Even in my grief
I will still believe
That everything I want is on the other side of fear
I will make it there

I will not live here….