What if our real job here is to create and explore beyond the limits of what others feel is possible?

What if we are really all droplets of the same ocean and doors of the same house? Energy beings with a human experience. Remember, Einstein found that all mass is really just energy.

What if we worked together instead of against each other to improve the world? Successful ecosystems that thrive in nature work collaboratively, not competitively.

What if we really appreciated each other with love and kindness and created safety for each other? Google found that the only discriminating feature of their best teams was a greater degree of psychological safety within the group.

What if we realized that we are all the same and we are already whole? We are all part of the universal energy.

What if we are following the same current on the same river of our lives? None better than the other. Some farther down the river, but all ultimately taken in the same direction.

What if we didn’t spend our lives relentlessly paddling upstream against this current? Fragmentation may be based on the fear that drives ego and the illusion of separation, which is the opposite direction of the real current of our lives.

What if life is really easy, peaceful and joyful once we let go and trust that the current of our lives will naturally lead us to our destination?

What if no one needs saving?

What if duality (good/bad; tall/short; thin/fat; light/dark) is really just two ends of the same spectrum that these opposites together make a WHOLE? To appreciate this, see the yin-yang symbol.

What if we seek beyond duality to appreciate that right and wrong or better and worse is defined by our perception and pre-conceived programming. All is creative.

What if struggling brings us back to letting go and surrendering to our lives? Changing from paddling against to flowing with the current of our lives.

What if we all focused on BEING instead of DOING? The Beatles are wise – Let It Be.

What if we changed from fear, despair and scarcity to love, safety and abundance? From energy draining to energy generating.

What if we have all we need to live a life of our dreams? Once we realize that we are on earth to create, love, connect, have joy and peace as part of the connected whole, we will discover heaven. Earth will also benefit from the positive energy that will be generated.

What if we really appreciated what is important?

What if we trusted more and controlled less?

What if we realized that we are each miracles?

What if we realized we are each powerful creators?

What if we realized we are part of the energy of the universe?

What if we realized that we are each blessed, loved and safe?

What if we realized we are already whole and want for nothing?

Because we can. Because we are. Realize we are powerful creators. Realize we are already safe and whole. Realize we are a creative force for love, peace, joy and health in West Virginia and in our world. 

Almost heaven.


  • Clay B. Marsh

    Chief Health Officer, West Virginia University

    Clay B. Marsh, MD, is West Virginia University’s chief health officer, and serves as a member of President E. Gordon Gee’s leadership team. As WVU’s vice president for health sciences, he oversees five health sciences schools and three health campuses.