What if

I am able to do, all the things which I want to do

And achieve, all the goals which I am driven towards

My Bank account is full, with all the money I know I deserve

And I spend, on exactly what I want, when I want 

You just loved me, the way I want to be loved

And my lover, loves me to the depth of my soul

My friends cared for me, exactly the way I need them to

And I always have someone, to call 

I weighed, exactly the weight I want to be

And my body, is in the shape that I like

My career, is a career which caters to my unique talents

And I create a life, which is a manifestation of my internal world 

I drive, the car which I always dreamed to drive

And, I get picked up, by a chauffeur driven SUV

I live in the place I choose, the palace which I deserve

And my house, feels as much like home as it can

The answers to my questions, always come easily to me

And everything can be taken, exactly at face value

My family, show up exactly the way I need them to

And I feel the family union inside myself

My days are filled, with fun and sun

And my nights are occupied, with company  and relaxing

What if?

What if?

What if?

What if


I choose my life exactly as it is

And be at peace with all